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Tamatsukuri cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossom Spots in Shimane

Cherry blossoms are come into full bloom from the end of May to the beginning of April in Shima  …   >> Read


Strolling a historical and modern hot spring resort, Tamatsu ...

Tamatsukuri Onsen is one of the premier onsen resorts in Shimane, widely known for its beautify  …   >> Read

Medo-iwa Rock

My Favorite Colours of Shimane - Colours of the Earth, Oki I ...

Written by Teresa Sadkowsky Geoparks boast some of the world ’s most magnificent geological fea  …   >> Read


Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, Learn about History with an Englis ...

 Learn History of Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine with an English Guide!    – Damien Craig We ar  …   >> Read

Koi carps and Iris (June)

One-day trip to Tsuwano, feel little Kyoto in Shimane

The old castle town of Tsuwano, known as the “Little Kyoto of the San-in Region” lo  …   >> Read

Tea culture

Learning Tea Ceremony Culture

For those looking to experience traditional lifestyles and culture, I strongly recommened trave  …   >> Read

English Guide at Iwami Ginzan

Tourist Guides in Shimane

Local Volunteer Guide Group (Not charged ) *Actual travel expenses will be charged when we use   …   >> Read


Tourist information centers in Shimane

Tourist Information for International Visitors  Tourist information centers in Shimane ■ Matsue  …   >> Read


Admission Discount for International Visitors

 22 tourist facilities offer international visitors admission discount in Shimane. Please show   …   >> Read

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