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SL Yamaguchi

SL Train Yamaguchi cerebrated the first anniversary of a ser ...

Experience a Steam Locomotive Journey SL Yamaguchi-go Steam Train, an engine model C571 steam l…

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autumn colored leaves in

Recommended Fall Color Spots in Shimane

 For leaves to turn into spectacular color, there are some needed conditions such as, temperatu…

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Fishing Trails and Forest Therapy

One hot summer day in July, my Forest Therapy in Iinan-cho began with waking up in a hotel call…

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nakamura beach oki

Water Sports and Beach Fun in the Oki Islands

Oki islands are located in the Sea of Japan (a shallow, basin-like sea) that has a large cold b…

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Japanese Beauty, Breadth of Mind -The Charm of Japanese Clot ...

When I think of Japan, Mt. Fuji, cherry blossoms, Japanese clothes, kabuki, anime are usually t…

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tatara iron

Learning Traditional Japanese Ironwork : The Okuizumo Tatara ...

If you are fond of Japanese swords・・・ If you ask a foreigner “What is Japanese culture?” you wi…

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English Guide at Iwami Ginzan

Tourist Guides in Shimane

Local Volunteer Guide Group (Not charged ) *Actual travel expenses will be charged when we use …

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Tourist information centers in Shimane

Tourist Information for International Visitors  Tourist information centers in Shimane ■ Matsue…

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Admission Discount for International Visitors

 22 tourist facilities offer international visitors admission discount in Shimane. Please show …

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Shimane Map

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