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Discount for JAPAN RAIL PASS users!

Visit Shimane, the land shrouded in mythology and considered the birthplace of Japan with your …

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“En-Musubi” Perfect Ticket

We will start a special promotion on our Perfect Ticket at a new discounted price for foreign t…

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Introducing our Time Out TOKYO Pamphlets!

In association with Time Out TOKYO, we are proud to present our 50 THINGS TO DO IN SHIMANE pamp…

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Spring Festivals in Shimane 2017

Matsue Castle Spring Festival Matsue Castle Festival 2017 Where:   Matsue Castle [map] When:   …

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Check Out the San’in Japan 4K (Ultra HD) 山陰

The most scenic and photogenic spots of the San`in region shot in 4K!!   The San’in region…

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Check Out Our Shimane Prefecture Promo Video

With the main focus of “tatara” (art of Japanese sword making) we are proud to show our Shimane…

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[EVENT] Matsue “Musha Gyoretsu” Warrior Parade 2017

Watch as citizens dress up in elaborate costumes and parade around Matsue As winter comes to an…

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MATSUE IRISH FESTIVAL [11th - 12th March 2017]

Once a year for one day, the streets of Matsue will become filled with green as food stalls lin…

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IWAMI KAGURA MESHI & Meat Festival in Iwami [4th-5th/March]

Shimane is a long narrow prefecture that not only stretches along the Sea of Japan, but also co…

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Regions of Shimane

Shimane Map
Shimane Map

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