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Check this amazing video, "Izumo, Japan 4K (Ultra HD) - 出雲" ...

IZUMO 出雲 – Sunset in the Sacred Land of Izumo Izumo – the land of the gods and thei…

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We welcome you to Shimane - the land of “en”- !

Some earthquakes hit the western part of Shimane on 9th April 2018. However, almost all sightse…

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Information of the Western Shimane earthquakes of 9th April 2018

Information related to the Western Shimane earthquakes of 9t ...

Information as of 2 p. m. on 11th April 2018 Traffic Policy Division, DEPARTMENT OF REGIONAL PR…

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500 YEN BUS Matsue - Hiroshima

HIROSHIMA – MATSUE 500YEN BUS (4/1/2018 ~ 3/31/2019)

We are proud to announce the continuation of the Hiroshima – Matsue 500 YEN Bus for this …

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Spring Festivals in Shimane 2018

Matsue Castle Spring Festival Matsue Castle Festival 2018 Where:   Matsue Castle [map] When:   …

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The “En-Musubi” PERFECT TICKET is the perfect way to travel in Matsue and Izumo! &n…

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[EVENT] Matsue “Musha Gyoretsu” Warrior Parade 7th April 201 ...

Watch as citizens dress up in elaborate costumes and parade around Matsue As winter comes to an…

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View from airplane in the clouds

Two New Routes to Shimane?

Fuji Dream Airlines will be introducing two new routes to Izumo Airport! The two new routes wil…

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Once a year for one day, the streets of Matsue will become filled with green as food stalls lin…

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Regions of Shimane

Shimane Map
Shimane Map

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