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NOTICE : Influences of a heavy rain in Shimane.

Latest update : September 5, 2013

The heavy rain had some impact on various places throughout Japan. In Shimane prefecture, the heavy rain in the end of July had some impact on Tsuwano. Fortunately, however, the damage on the main sightseeing spots was small. In addition to that, a heavy rain hit Tsuwano in late August again, and not only Tsuwano this time, It left some scars on Iwami area. JR railway roads were seriously damaged and have been out of service between some sections. Currently recovery efforts have been speed up in the affected area.


《Operation status of the JR West Japan》

Click here to see the Operation Map

※The following sections on JR Yamaguchi Line and JR Sanin Main Line are out of service.  

Between these stations, transportation service by buses is available alternative to trains. 

JR Yamaguchi Line : between JR Jihuku Sta. and Tsuwano Sta., and Masuda Sta.

     ※ Steam Locomotive Train Yamaguchi is out of service from August 1 (Thu.) to Nobember 3 (Sun.)

JR Sanin main Line : between JR Nago Sta. and JR Masuda Sta.

     ※Limited express service is not available between Oda-shi Sta. and Gotsu Sta.(Local train only) on the JR Sanin Main Line.

JR Sanko Line : between JR Gotsu Sta. and JR Hamahara Sta.

 ※Please inquire to theJR West Japan Railway Company for further details. 


≪Affection of the heavy rain on tourist spots≫

Iwami Area

The heavy rain on August 23 and 24 left serioius damage in Gotsu city. People in the city and volunteers are working so hard on the restorarion work.  In the Arihuku Hot Springs area, the heavy rain caused rivers to overflow and some houses were flooded, however, all the ryokans in the are have been back in their business.

 Highway bus

  Highway bus service is available between Hiroshima and Hamada, and Osaka and Gotsu, Hamada. Both are in service as usual.

Shimane Aquarium AQUAS Shimane Aquarium AQUAS is open as usual.


Tsuwano Area

Although the heavy rain on July 28 had some impact on the mountain area in Tsuwano. There are few damages on the main sightseeing area and most tourist facilities are doing their business as usual. You can enjoy historical townscape and koi carps swimming in the waterways. 



Highway bus

     Highway bus service is available between Tokyo and Tsuwano, and Osaka and Tsuwano. Both are in service as usual.

Route bus between Hagi and Tsuwano

     In service as usual.


JR (Japan Railway)

Please refer to the "Operatiuon Status of JR" avobe.


  HagiIwami Airport is in service as usual.


Current circumstances of tourist spots in Tsuwano


Strolling Tonomachi Street Tonomachi Street (Click here to see the recommended tourist course of Tsuwano)


Taikodani-inari Shrine You can go uo to theTaikodani Inari Shrine by car, or by walking the approach way. Please be careful when you drive the way in case there are bad places in the road.


Otome Touge Chapel of Saint MariaThere are some fallen rocks on the walking path to the Otome Touge Chapel of Saint Maria, but you can go sightsee without any trouble.



※There is no influence on the tourist spots in the Izumo and Matsue area.

Date [Aug 01, 2013]
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