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Daisairei (Grand Annual Festival ) at Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine
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Daisairei is a series of rituals that take place at Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine every year. During this event, a lot of people come to the shrine.
* Tekisha Sai
During this event which happens prior to the start of the Daisairei, a priest shoots arrows at a target set up along the pine tree-lined approach to the shrine in order to purify the grounds by driving out evil spirits.
* Reisai (Annual Festival) / Chokushi Sanko (Visit of Imperial messengers)
Official messengers bring offerings to the shrine and convey the prayers of the Emperor.
May 15
* Ni-no-matsuri, Mikoshi Togyosai
Local residents carry portable shrines around the area surrounding Izumo Taisha.
These are a lot of people come visit Izumo Taisha during this period.

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■ Date May 13, 2014(Tue) - May 16, 2014(Fri)

May 14
Tekisha Sai 9:00-
Reisai (Annual Festival)
Chokushi Sanko (Visit of Imperial messengers) 10:00-
May 15
Ni-no-Matsuri 9:00-
Mikoshi Togyosai 12:00-
May 16
San-no Matsuri 10:00-

■ Venue Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine
■ Address 195 Kitsuki-higashi Taisha-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane
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