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SpecialRide Along the Former JR Sanko-sen Line to Explore the Great Nature Around Gono-kawa River

JR Sanko-sen Line, the 108.1km long railway that connected Gotsu City, Shimane prefecture and Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture was discontinued in March, 2018. This 87km course is to the center of Gotsu City, along the former railway of Sanko-sen Line and paralleling the Gono-kawa River, the biggest river in Chugoku Region. This course is ideal for intermediate cyclists on a downhill base with decent ups and downs, there will be the wonderful view of Gono-kawa River and unique bridges, and feeling the local life and nature.


Head to Japan Sea from former Kuchiba Station, border to Hiroshima Prefecture!

Start from former Kuchiba Station (Shimokuchiba, Onan-cho), the closest station to Hiroshima Prefecture on this former line, with the red Seikishu-gawara Tile on top of the building. Then begin the course along the Gono-kawa River soon after the start.

There is former Uzui Station, the popular and famous site in Uzui, Onan-cho on the way. The station is 20m from the ground level with the 116 stairs to the platform, known as “Tenku no Eki, The Sky Station”, and the illumination event at this station by the locals was nationwide news. Continue the course after the visit to the station.

Former Uzui Station 20m, above the ground.

Known as “Tenku no Eki, The Sky Station” with the 116 stairs to the platform

View of Uzui from the platform


Feel the fresh air in deep green along the Gono-kawa River


The first resting spot is Road Station Green Road Daiwa with the green tiles on top of the building. Find local delicacies in the cafe and farmer’s market.

Continuing along the Gono-kawa River and the former railway, then there will be former Ushio Station (Nagato, Misato-cho) on the way. The row of cherry trees nearby is a popular site in spring and lot of people come when cherries are in bloom.

Road Station Green Road Daiwa, there is a farmer’s market and cafe as well as toilets.


Road Station Green Road Daiwa

Address: Nagato 248-2, Misato-cho, Ochi-gun, Shimane Prefecture

Tel: 0855-82-2812

Business Hours: 9:30-18:00

Closed: End of year and New year


Along with Gono-kawa River again after Road Station Green Road Daiwa, ride along former Sanko-sen Line and the row of cherry trees.


Visiting unique former station buildings and related sites

After the former Uzui Station, there will be the scenery of Gono-kawa Rive on one side, then the scenery of valleys and villages on the other side. There are many sites related to the former Sanko-sen Line such as a tunnel dug through rock and uniquely designed station buildings.

There are over 10 bridges on the Gono-kawa River on the way to Japan Sea; the variety of styles and colours such as brown cable-stayed bridge, pink, green truss bridge are very interesting.

The bridges on the Gono-kawa River are different from each other, creating their own unique scenery.

Enjoy the form of the bridges with different angles by crossing, going under them.

The countryside, the view of towns from the riverbank, and seasonal changes are all attractions of this course.

Arrive at Misatoichi Market, the second resting spot by riding through the middle of Misao-cho



Misatoichi Market

Address: Masubuchi, Misato-cho, Shimane Prefecture

Tel: 0855-75-1006

Business Hours: 8:30-20:00

Closed: never


Road Station Information Centre Kawamoto

Address: Inbara 505-5, Kawamoto-cho, Ochi-gun, Shimane Prefecture

Tel: 0855-72-1111

Business Hours: 8:00-19:00

Closed: End of Year and New Year


Railway facilities such as tunnels can be seen close by


There is a wooden building of former Kawahira Station in Kawahiracho, Gotsu City on the way. Built as one of the first buildings of the former Sanko-sen Line, the style of this retro spec wooden building attracted many fans, and this station was used for the location filming of “Tennen Kokekko (A Gentle Breeze in the Village)” and “Suna no Utsuwa”.

Wooden building of former Kawahira Station with a nostalgic atmosphere

The platform. The location filming of “Tennen Kokekko”, “Suna no Utsuwa” were filmed here.

Inside of the building before the closure, taken as a resting spot of cyclists.


Back to Gono-kawa River crossing the railway after former Kawahira Station, Gotsu Station (Gotsucho, Gotsu City), the goal of this course is so close as the view of Shin Gogawa Bridge and the industrial zone is getting in the sight.

Cross the railway, then go along Gono-kawa River again.

Japan Sea seen in far over the bridge, and Gotsu Station is on the left of the bridge.


The cafe Honmachi Kitchen Imadeya, near the finish, is a renovated old building by the Gono-kawa River.

Food with carefully selected ingredients and nice tea, convenient for a little break before the finish.

Honmachi Kitchen Imadeya

Address: Gotsucho 46, Gotsu City, Shimane Prefecture

Tel: 0855-52-0722

Business Hours: 11:00-15:00 (lunch)

17:00-21:00 (dinner with reservation)

Closed: Tuesday


Arriving at Gotsu Station!


Arriving at Gotsu Station. Marukoyama Park, near by the station next to Gotsu City Hall, is the site to enjoy the view of cherry blossom and the sea all together as Somei Yoshino cherry trees and azaleas planted at the top of the hill towards Japan Sea.



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