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SpecialTraining Courses Recommended by Local Amateur Teams

Introducing the training courses recommended by local amateur teams


◆MRF(Matsue Road Force)


Formed by the cyclists encountered at an event organized by a local cycling shop, a fun team with the age range of mid 20’s to 40’s. We enjoy having drinking parties as our main activity after the events.


Established: May, 2016

Representative: Naoya Yamamoto

Address: Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture

Tel: 080-3872-1024

Members: 16

Male / Female: Currently all males, and requiting females

Training dates: Start early morning every weekend


◆MRF’s Recommended Course

Often ride around Shimanecho, which is the final part of the annual Izumoji Century Ride. The course that one of the members rode before his work became the regular ride. It is highly recommended course for any cyclists, with nice sea breeze, and the distance, altitude gain, duration time are all moderate. For people who are confident with their fitness, it will be fun riding further to Shimane Nuclear Station or Mihonoseki Lighthouse!


Distance: 45km

Altitude gain: Around 500m

Duration: 2 hours

Level: Intermediate

Advice, suggestions on the course

There may be no shops after the center of Matsue, so prepare snacks before hand.



◆Kapok Cycling Team


Riding on Sunday once a month feeling the fresh air of early morning, with the motto of “slow cycling”. A laid back cycling team based on our schedules and availabilities.


Established: October 31, 2011

Representative: Masahiko Tanaka

Address: Gakuenminami 1Chome-20-20-1, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture

Tel: 090-4140-3133

Members: 84

Male / Female: 11 males, 5 females active

Training dates: Once a month form March to October, meeting at 5:30 to 6:00


◆Kapok Cycling Team’s Recommended Course

Start at barber shop Kapok in Matsue City, go east on Sagishimanodo Road, enjoy the scenery along Asakumi-gawa River joining to Ohashi-gawa River. The silhouette of sunrise over Mt. Daisen, beyond Nakaumi from Omisaki is fantastic.
Go to Daikon-jima Island on the Omisaki riverbank straight road, then ride around the island one and half times feeling the calmness of Nakaumi Lake. Take a break and chat with teammates at the convenience store by Eshima-ohashi Bridge, famously called “Betabumizaka, acceleration bridge”.
Then ride on Moriyama riverbank road to finish at Road Station Honjo! Ones who have spare time go round the lake a second time, otherwise go back along the route of Honjo to Kamiubeo, then Wakurasan Pass and then Asakumi to the center of Matsue.

Distance: Around 45km

Altitude gain: 388m

Duration: 2 hours

Level: Beginner

Advice, suggestions on the course

The sublime morning mist around Asakumi-gawa River and the view of Mt. Daisen from the estuary of Oahashi-gawa River are breathtaking. And also, the surface of Nakaumi around Daikon-jima Island makes us feel kile we are riding on water. It is an ideal course to enjoy cycling at waterfront.




Team by the members around Daitocho, Unnan City, with the motto of riding and drinking.


Established: August 1, 2009

Representative: Wataru Aoki

Address: Shimoayo 9-1, Daitocho, Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture

Tel: 0854-43-2477 (Aoki Cleaning)

Members: 15

Male / Female: 13 males / 2 females

Training dates: Irregular


◆D-Challin’s Recommended Course

Ushio-onsen Katsuraso Villa → Prefectural Route 24 → Suga-jinja Shrine → Sanno-ji Temple → Hatatenbo Park → Hataya → Kamo → Shimokanbara → Danbe → Mijiro → Kisuki → Amagafuchi → Shokunomori → Prefectural Route 24 → Katsuraso Villa

Distance: 69.6km

Altitude gain: 969m

Duration: 3 hours 40mins

Level: Intermediate

Advice, suggestions on the course

The course tours the route of Orochi Myth from Suga-jinja Shrine to Amagafuchi, with plenty of hills. The Sannoji Terraced Rice Field is selected one of the 100 Best Rice Terraces in Japan, and on a sunny day, there will be a view of Shinji-ko Lake from Hatatenbo Park nearby. Also in spring, there will be our local famous cherry blossom sites including Danbe-shidare zakura weeping cherry tree and the row of cherry blossoms on the Hiikawa riverbank on the course. Have a meal at Shokunomori, and it is also recommended to take a hot spring bath at Katsuraso Villa after the ride.




A team active in Izumo area, the name of Da. Nikarni is a pun originating in our local Izumo dialect. Mainly attending events, enduro cycling and also supporting event, and training in the morning in summer as well. Please feel free to contact us.


Established: October 10, 2016

Members: 22

Male / Female: 18 males / 4 females

Training dates: Irregular


◆Da.Nikarni’s Recommended Course

Total 45km of training course, climb up to Ichibata, ride along the coast line to Koizu, Shiotsu, then to the Windmill Park of Uppurui to get back.

Distance: Around 45km

Altitude gain: 800m

Duration: 2 hours

Level: Intermediate

Advice, suggestions on the course

There will be a view all way to Okinoshima Islands on a sunny day, try riding once with the scenery!



◆Izumo City Hall Cycling Lovers

Working on the skills of riding and cycle maintenance while cycling to improve our friendship and good health. All members enjoy cycling their own way, such as commuting with road bike, hybrid bike, MTB, also city cycle sometimes, riding over 100km on weekends, watching road race on TV and internet, attending cycling events, races etc.


Established: May 27, 2010

Representative: Haruo Fukuda (since March 1, 2018)

Address: Izumo City Hall, Imaichicho 70, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture

Tel: 0853-21-2211 (Izumo City Hall)

Members: 22 (at March 1, 2018)

Male / Female: 18 males / 4 females

Training dates: Irregular


◆Izumo City Hall Cycling Lovers’ Recommended Course

The course start and finish at Yukarikan hot spring in Sadacho, located in southern part of Izumo City, ride on uphill based the first half to get to Manju Tunnel. There will be a tough hill before the tunnel, then 2km technical descent after crossing the tunnel. After the descent, go along Hata-gawa River down a gentle descent comfortably with very little traffic. Get refreshed at Yularikan after the ride.

Distance: 27.9km

Altitude gain: 434m

Duration: 2 hours

Level: Intermediate

Advice, suggestions on the course

Pacing on the uphill based first half is important, otherwise the tough hill before Manju Tunnel will be difficult. Make sure the water bottle is filled up before the start, since there will be no convenience stores and only few vending machines on the course.



◆Recommended Training Course in Hamada City

A course that combines ruins of the unfinished Kohin Railway and the three hot springs of Asahi, Mimata, Arifuku.


Representative: Takatoshi Higo

Address: Hinashicho 556-9, Hamada City, Shimane Prefecture

Tel: 080-6320-7434


◆Recommend Course in Hamada City

A course that combines ruins of the unfinished Kohin Railway and the three hot springs of Asahi, Mimata, Arifuku.

Distance: 87.7km

Altitude gain: 1,484m

Duration: 5 hours

Level: intermediate

Advice, suggestions on the course

Start at Iwami Seaside Park with the scent and the view of blue ocean, ride along the derelict Kohin Railway to get to Kanagi Horse Riding Park. For those fit cyclist, there is Otobai motorbike Shrine at top of the mountain to try!

The red roof tile is special in Iwami area, feel the relaxing time riding in the scenery composed by green fields, blue sky and the red tiles.

Prepare plenty of energy snacks and fill up with drinks when passing any vending machine to avoid running out of energy, since the mountainous route starts suddenly after the flat part which is only along the coast in Hamada. There are many more courses to introduce, so come and cycle!



◆Cycle Centre Matsushima

Enjoy cycling, sceneries, gourmet with the concept of “cycle for fun”.


Representative: Cycle Centre Matsushima

Address: Ekimaecho 10-17, Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture

Tel: 0856-22-2225


Training dates: Once a month (date will be updated)


◆Cycle Centre Matsushima’s Recommended Course

The course to feel the “joy of slow cycling with sceneries” in Masuda, with unchanged traditional sites such as Showa nostalgic red suspension bridge, udon vending machine, and nature created bamboo tunnel etc.

Few vehicles and good road conditions with no tough hills; it is a good distance for pottering.

It will be a good holiday experiencing the nostalgia of Showa Era.

Distance: 28km

Altitude gain: 135m

Duration: 2 hours

Level: Beginner

Advice, suggestions on the course

Course with very little ascent even for beginners, emphasizes the enjoyment of the scenery more than riding. There is the sea, green fields, crossing the red suspension bridge, and a popular udon vending machine with Showa nostalgia.