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By Mr. Goto, a former professional cyclist and Mr. , a shop managerTips to enjoy cycling safely

There are lot of nice cycling courses in Shimane Prefecture.
This page has guides for the pre-ride inspection and safe ride with videos.

  • Seisaku Goto

    Former professional MTB racer born in Matsue City, the champion of 2000 Japan Series. Currently participating domestic races, and rides road bike for training as well.

  • Hirofumi Kimachi

    The manager of Giant Store Matsue, does bicycle repair, maintenance, riding advice to cyclists as well as sales.

Five Rules for Riding Safely

Keep the Five Rules for Riding Safely.

  • 1. Normally ride on the road and only use the side walk in exceptional circumstances
  • 2. Keep to the left when riding on the road
  • 3. Pedestrians have the priority on side walk, so ride slowly on the side closer to the road if you do
  • 4. Keep the safety rules
    • -1. Drinking alcohol and riding, two people riding, side-by-side riding are forbidden
    • -2. Turn on lights at night
    • -3. Obey the traffic lights, stopping signs, checking traffic safety
  • 5. Children must wear helmets

Inspection before ride

Contents: wobble, brake, wheels, shifters

Carrying items

Contents: must carry items, recommended items, items recommended by Mr. Goto

Manners while cycling

Contents: 2 step right turn, hand signals

Two-Stage Right Turn

  • At the junction continue on the left hand side to the far side of the junction, for example by the pedestrian crossing area. Then stop and turn right when it is safe to do so. Entering the right turn lane and turn right as vehicle is against the traffic law.

Hand Signals

  • Stop

    Arm down to around the waist and all fingers extended then show the palm to behind.

  • Left turn

    Rise left arm and bend elbow 90-degree then show the back of hand behind.

  • Right turn

    Extend right arm then point right.

  • Scooting left

    Right arm down and the hand facing left, then wave the hand to left to request the traffic behind to scoot left.

  • Scooting right

    Left arm down and the hand facing right, then wave the hand to right to request the traffic to scoot right.

  • Slow down

    Bend arm and hand back, then repeat extending and closing all fingers to show slowing down.

  • Give warning

    Pointing an obstacle or dent on the road if any, to tell the traffic behind.