Cycling through Shimane

“The route less traveled in Shimane”

There are many ways to travel through Shimane. We’ve talked about ways you can go by train, bus, rental car, and even airplane.  But one we haven’t really introduced yet is by bicycle. You can bring your own or even rent one and pedal through the prefecture at your own pace. Ride along the lakeside, pass by farms, go down to the beach, up a famous bridge,  and take in all the blessings of nature that Shimane has to offer. Find hidden spots not easily accessible by train or by car. Check out our cycling video a the bottom. Showing around by bicycle   Goen Cycle Station Sticker   And to assist you on your cycling journey through Shimane are the 200+ Goen Cycle Stations that offer services to cyclists. Identifying a Goen Cycle Station and its services are made easy by just looking for this sticker. >>>JPN WEBSITE<<<       Here are some articles written by the cyclists on their journey through the Iwami Region of Shimane. Check them out!
Tsuwano Ride: Cycling Explorations in Hagi and Iwami
Coast to Coast in West Japan: The Iwa Iwa Ride from Iwakuni to Iwami
Explore Hagi Iwami
  We rented some bicycles and a guide and went on two cycling routes taking us across the Shimane peninsula and into Yonago, Tohori prefecture. The courses we used were the “En Musubi Kaido” cycling course (縁結び街道サイクリングコース) and the “Nakaumi Shuuyuu” cycling course (中海周遊サイクリングコース). We were also able to ride the Ichibata electric trains with our bikes back from Izumo (purchase of a separate bike ticket is necessary). Click on >>>CYLING ROUTES<<< to find out more about the cycling routes in Shimane. (JPN only site)   Bicycle Renting Info >>>JPN WEBSITE<<< There are many routes that go to and from Shimane through the neighboring prefectures. Explore some of the other routes that go through Shimane. Check out the Cycling Map below ↓↓↓ Goen Cycle Map FrontGoen Cycle Map Back   Bicycles on rack      

Useful links for travelling in the Oki Islands

Let’s go out for the unique island adventure!

The Oki Islands are made up of 4 main islands and several more uninhabited ones. Oki’s unique natural environment has led to its being designated as a Global Geopark by UNESCO. Erosion has created several magnificent coastline views, including the Kuniga Coastline on Nishinoshima, which features a stone arch and a sheer cliff face that stands at 257m tall. Candle Island off the coast of Dogo Island stands in such a way that if you catch the sunset at the right angle, it looks like a candle’s flame sits atop it.

Kuniga Coastline

Candle Islands

Candle Island

Oki Islands Tourism Association Official website. Please use the language selector in the top-right corner for translation.   Visit the Oki Islands Joint Facebook page of all Tourism Associations of the Oki Islands. Please follow them for the newest information about events and festivals!   Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark Official Facebook page of The Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark. The Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark is a place where you can discover the deep connections between the earth, nature, and culture. Designated a Global Geopark in September 2013.        

Matsue Castle (National Treasure)

matsue castle If you are interested in Japanese history or castles, you may already know that there are many castles around the country, however, among them, only 12 are remaining original castles and only 5 are designated as National Treasure.  And Matsue Castle is one of them. The castle was built in 1611 by the founder of the Matsue domain Yoshiharu Horio, who was previously a lord of Toda Castle.  Toda Castle was surrounded by mountains and known as one of the toughest castles in the time of war, he entered the castle thanking his achievements in the battle of Sekigahara (1600). However, he thought the castle was not good enough to build his castle town to prosper, then decided to build one in the current place; Matsue. After five years of construction, Matsue Castle was completed as a fortress with black thick walls on strong stone walls.  Built mainly for the real battle, the castle looks rather strong than gorgeous. However, it was at the end of times of war when it was constructed so it survived without being burned down. However, the flow of change came along with the crisis; the Ordinance for Disposal of Castles, which was promulgated in 1873 and most of the castles over the country was torn down. Matsue Castle was no exception and all the constructions except the castle tower were broken down. When the castle tower itself was about to go through the same destiny, people in the city tried so hard to save it and they succeeded at last. And thanks to their hard work, we can still see the castle as it was 400 years ago. matsue-castle (4) From the top floor of the castle tower, you can experience the same unblocked view of the city as it was 400 years ago.


address1-5 Tonomachi, Matsue City telephone 0852-21-4030 Homepage (JP) opening hours Open 7 days a week Castle Tower entry [Apr. – Sep.] 8:30am – 6:30pm (Last admission at 6pm) [Oct. – Mar.] 8:30am – 5pm (Last admission at 4:30pm) Discounted Admission Adults: ¥330*  Elementary/Junior High School Students: ¥140 Access bus 10min via Matsue Lakeline Bus from JR Matsue ‘Matsue Castle’ bus stop. on foot 30min (2km) from JR Matsue Sta. parking Otemae Car Parking. cafe free wifi language brochures EN / KR / 簡 / FR

2020 Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking🍓With the start of the new year comes the season of strawberry picking.  Why not try strawberry picking which is only offered for a limited time? 🍓Also, check out our video from last year’s strawberry picking season. Places are sorted by the start of their season. Reservations are required.


🍓Watanabe Kankou Farm (渡辺観光農園) [map] Location: Yasugi City Season: January ~ Hours: 9:00 ~ 16:00 Pricing: Junior High School ≤ 2,000 JPY Elementary School ≥ 3 yrs. 1,000 JPY Tel: 0854-22-6627 *reservations required. Call 0854-23-7667 Yasugi Tourism Associaton 🍓Kinta Farm Berryne (きんた農園ベリーネ)[map] Location: Hamada City Season: January ~ Hours: 10:00 ~ 16:00 Closed on Tuesday Pricing:[Weekdays] Adult 1,700 JPY Elementary School 1,300 JPY [Weekends / Holidays] Adult 1,900 JPY Elementary School 1,500 JPY *[Ladies Day (Wed.)] 1300 JPY Tel: 0855-42-2515 HP: (JPN) *reservations required. Call 0855-42-2515 


🍓Akatsuki Farm (あかつきファーム今在家) [map] Location: Izumo City Season: February ~ Hours: 10:00 ~ 15:00 Pricing: Adult 1,700 JPY Elementary School 1,200 JPY Toddler (3 ≥) 600 JPY Tel: 0853-72-4915 HP: *reservations required. Call 0853-72-4915 


🍓Akari Farm (あかり農園) [map] Location: Yasugi City Season: March ~ Hours: 8:00 ~ 17:00 Pricing: Junior High School ≤ 1,500 JPY Elementary School ≥ 1,000 JPY Toddler 500 JPY Tel: 080-5236-1779 *reservations required. Call 0854-23-7667 Yasugi Tourism Associaton 🍓Ishibashi Farm (石橋農園) [map] Location: Yasugi City Season: March~ Hours: 10:00 ~ 14:00 Pricing: High School ≤ 2,000 JPY Junior High / Elementary School 1,000 JPY Tel: 080-3888-0971 *reservations required. Call 0854-23-7667 Yasugi Tourism Associaton 🍓Ichigo Farm Kokoro (いちご農園 こころ) [map] Location: Yasugi City Season: March ~ Hours: 9:00 ~ 16:00 Pricing: Junior High School ≤ 2,000 JPY Elementary School 1,000 JPY Elementary School ˃ 3 yrs. 500 JPY Tel: 080-5616-2522 *reservations required. Call 0854-23-7667 Yasugi Tourism Associaton 🍓Omori Farm (大森ファーム) [map] Location: Yasugi City Season: March~ Hours: 9:00 ~ 17:00 Pricing: Elementary School ≤ 2,200 JPY Elementary School 1,200 JPY Elementary School ˃ 3 yrs. 500 JPY Tel: 070-2637-6505 HP: *reservations required. Call 0854-23-7667 Yasugi Tourism Associaton  

2020 Cherry Blossom Season and Popular Spots

According to the Cherry Blossom Forecast by Weather Map (3/2/2020), the 2020 cherry blossom season starts 3/20 and flowers in full bloom on 3/27. The page is only in Japanese, but you can look at the graphs showing the peak blossom season. [link] *(updated 3/2/2020)

Matsue Castle

Matsue Castle

Why not visit the National Treasure Matsue Castle while in Matsue?

Matsue Castle and Matsue Castle Grounds [map] Matsue city, Shimane

Tamatsukuri Onsen 

Tamatsukuri cherry blossoms

Stroll through the onsen town, along the stream, and under the blooming cherry blossom trees.

Tamayu River Bank in the Tamatsukuri Onsen area [map] *Cherry blossom trees are illuminated at night (18:30~22:00) until the middle of April Matsue city, Shimane

Senjyu-in Temple

Senjyu-in Temple

Did you say 200 year-old weeping cherry blossom tree??

Senju-in Temple [map] Senju-in Temple is hidden spot which is famous for 200 year-old weeping cherry tree. Located in the auspicious North-east direction of Matsue Castle, it is said to protect the castle and its occupants from evil spirits. This temple is located uphill near the Matsue Castle so visitors can have a great view of the castle. Matsue city, Shimane

Hii River Bank (the best 100 cherry spots in Japan)

Cherry Trees in Mitoya

Through a tunnel of cherry blossom trees?

Rows of cherry trees along the Hii River Bank [map] Check out the article on the Kisuki Cherry Blossoms Tunnel. Also, check out our youtube video from last year. Unnan city, Shimane Gyoikoh-cherry blossom with yellow-green flowers (the latter half of April) “Gyoiko” is  one of the more rare species of cherry with yellow-green flowers. Its blooming season comes after ordinary cherry blossoms  from the latter half of April. Venue : Mitoya River Bank [map] Unnan city, Shimane      

Yasugi Kiyomizudera Temple

Kiyomizudera Temple

Tucked away in the mountains with a climbable pagoda that will give you the best views of the area.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple [map] Yasugi city, Shimane

Misumi Oohirazakura

Mizumi Oohirazakura

Even at night, its illumination is beautiful.

Misumi Oohirazakura [map] A precious breed of sakura that was designated as a Natural Monument in 1936. The tree is guessed to be around 660 years old with a trunk circumference of 5m and branches that span east to west at 24m and north to south at 29.6m. When in full bloom it is said to be overflowing with brilliance. Hamada city, Shimane

Washibara-Hachimangu Shrine (Tsuwano)

Archery on a hource back

Check out the horse-back archery festival while you are there!

Washibara-hachimangu Shrine [map] 

Check out our article of the Washibara-hachimangu Shrine and Yabusame Ritual. Tsuwano town, Shimane

Oki Islands

Oki Shrine

Popular spot on the islands with around 250 cherry blossom trees!

Oki Shrine [map] Check out our youtube video of our time at the Oki Islands. Ama town (Oki Islands), Shimane   While planning your trip to Shimane don’t forget about our many discounts offered to foreigners and especially our En-Musubi Perfect Ticket!

2019 Matsue Water Lantern Festival (9/21-10/31)

Light up the Castle Town of Matsue

Matsue Water Lantern Festival (Matsue Suitoro) is a light-up event taking place in Matsue, where is known as a water city. During the event, about 2,000 lanterns are set up at Matsue Castle and the surrounding area. Main Events are held on weekends and public holidays during 9/21-10/31 from 6PM to 9PM (*except for 10/22). *Please come back again for more updates Suitouro Map VENUE:  Matsue Castle [map] and the surrounding area TIME: 6PM – 9PM Opening Lighting Ceremony (by Matsue Samurai Supporters) 9/21  5:55 PM~ At Otemae Hiroba Boat Pier [map] MAIN EVENT DATES: September  21 / 22* / 23* / 28 / 29   *canceled due to typhoon (updated 9/20) October      5 / 6 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 19 / 20 / 26 / 27 [OFFICIAL WEBSITE] (Japanese site) Matsue Water Lantern Festival  

Horikawa Night Sightseeing Boat Tour

At the Horikawa Night Sightseeing Boat Tour which goes the castle moat  (The night operation is only during the period of this event), visitors can enjoy the fantastic and mysterious atmosphere made by lights in the darkness and the reflections in the water. Various events, such as music and art events also take place mainly in the castle ground and Shiomi-nawate Street. Horikawa-night-boat-tour Date:  Main event dates only (*Please see above) Time:   6PM ~ 9PM Fare:   <One-way>  Adult : 800 yen / Child : 400 yen / Charter : 7,200 yen (1 boat / need prior booking) Boarding Points:  Otemae Hiroba [map] ⇔ Fureai Hiroba [map]  ※20 min one-way  

Special Night Green Tea Service at the top floor of Matsue Castle

Enjoy a bowl of green tea and a Japanese confectionery made in Matsue at the top floor of National Treasure Matsue Castle, while looking over the beautiful night scenery of the castle town. Matsue-castle Date:  Main event dates only (*Please see above) Time:  6PM ~ 8PM Price:  700 yen (green tea & Japanese confectionery) (50 sets per night) *Admission fee for the castle to be paid separately Location:  At the top floor of the castle

Matsue Castle Night Entrance

Date:  Main event dates only (*Please see above) Time:  6PM ~ 9PM  (Last admission at 8:30PM) Price:  (~9/30) Adult: 330 yen / Child: 140 yen (10/1~) Adult: 340 yen / Child: 140 yen Location:  Matsue Castle [map]  

Suitoro at Kencho Garden

In collaboration with Matsue Water Lantern Festival, Shimane Prefectural Government Office holds a small water lantern festival, called “Yuitoro” at the front garden for 3 nights during the Festival. There will be rows of handmade water lanterns, cafe, live music as well as the lighting-up of the government office building which has been designated as Registered Tangible Cultural Property along with the surrounding prefectural buildings in August 2019. suitoro Date:  10/18, 10/19 & 10/20 Time:  6PM ~ 9PM  (*close at 8:30PM on 10/20) Location:  Front garden of Shimane Prefectural Government Office  [map]  


Free Shuttle Bus:   Main event dates only (*Please see above) (JR Matsue Sta. South Ext.[map]~ Matsue Shinjiko Onsen Sta.[map] ~ Otemae[map]) shuttlebus From JR Matsue Station: By bus: 10 min by public bus bound for Matsue Shinjiko Onsen Sta. By foot: 30 min walk (2km) From HIROSHIMA: By highway bus: There is a special promotion for international travelers! Please check here!     HIROSHIMA – MATSUE 500YEN BUS (4/1/2019 ~ 3/31/2020)    

2019 UMI KAGURA (9/15)

The gorgeous costumes, the rhythmical sounds of Japanese instruments, and the dynamic movements all come together at a marvelous location for the special event called “Umi Kagura”.  

What is “Umi Kagura”?

In the Iwami region of Shimane, as the sky begins to darken stories of the “kami” gods battling the forces of evil are told through the performances known as Iwami Kagura. During the weekends performances are held at the local shrines and performed by the local troupes.

This year, Iwami Kagura has been designated a Japan Heritage!!

In the Iwami region of Shimane, as the sky begins to darken, locals gather at their local shrines to watch the stories of the “kami” deities battling the forces of evil through the performances known as Iwami Kagura. But once every year, the stage is set at a different location. A more natural setting, somewhere where the setting sun sets the backdrop, the ocean air fills the atmosphere, and the gentle sound of the waves crashing against the coastline can be heard within the beats of the music. Last year’s “Umi Kagura” event. *Last year was a special event so the event stage will differ from this year. This year’s “Umi Kagura” event takes place on September 15th (sunday) and is set at the beach on the coastline of the Sea of Japan with the setting sun in the background. It’s a small event where locals gather to watch the stories of Iwami Kagura and support their local troupe.


Date: September 15, 2019 (Sun) Time: 16:00 ~ 21:00 Price: 2,000 JPY w/ 1 free drink incl. *tickets can be bought from 15:30 on the day  Location: Fukumitsu Beach, Ohda City Website:

Where is it?

Fukumitsu Beach (5min walk from JR Iwami Fukumitsu Station) Fukumitsu Kaigan, Yunotsu-cho, Ohda City, Shimane Prefecture  

Directions to JR Iwami Fukumitsu Station

Example 1 : From Izumo Airport side [Rapid Service Train] MATSUE STATION (13:20 departure) -> IZUMOSHI STATION (14:01 departure) -> YUNOTSU STATION (14:50 arrival)   transfer -> [Normal Train] YUNOTSU STATION (15:46 departure) -> IWAMI FUKUMITSU STATION (15:49 arrival) Example 2 : From Hagi-Iwami Airport side [Normal Train] MASUDA STATION (13:30 departure) -> (14:18 arrival) HAMADA STATION   transfer [Normal Train] HAMADA STATION (14:37 departure) -> IWAMI FUKUMITSU STATION (15:21 arrival) *express trains do not stop at JR Iwami Fukumitsu Station. umikagura-access

2019 Summer Festivals

Rows of food stalls, music performances and fireworks lighting up the night sky is how Japan celebrates summer. From July through August, summer festivals are held all over the country. And in Shimane, like many other areas in Japan, many people get together to enjoy traditional Japanese-style dancing, singing, fireworks, and the delicious festival foods. Some of the smaller festivals are mostly enjoyed by locals and are recommended for those who really want to experience the traditional Japanese countryside. Grab your yukata, jinbei, or whatever summer attire you might have and join in on one of the summer festivals in Shimane!    East Area         Central Area         West Area        Island Area     

   Summer Festival in Tamatsukuri Onsen    

Summer event WHERE:  Tamatsukuri Onsen Area (Tamayu-cho, Matsue City) [map WHEN:  July 20th (sat)~ August 31st (sat) 2019   everyday from 8:15 p.m. ~ ABOUT :  Tamatsukuri Onsen Area is well known for its long history and highly qualified onsen water. During the summer, while lanterns illuminate the riverside, visitors can enjoy night stalls and various stage events every night. There are night kids stalls offering mini-games that children will love to play! Stage events differ every day. Two shows are shown every night – first show, starting at 8:15 pm featuring local artists, differs every day and second show, starting at 9 pm, showcases traditional performances (Yasugibushi or Izumo Kagura)!! Please stay a night here, take a walk along the riverside and enjoy the Japanese summer night festival!  

   Kanekobara Mushi Okuri Festival    

Ohnan Mushi Okuri WHERE :  Kanekobara Yakami (Ohnan Town) Mihoryo Shrine (13:30) -> Koboku no mori (15:00) -> Suwa Shrine (17:30) WHEN :  July 20th (sat)  2019  13:00 ~ 18:00 ABOUT :   A 200-year-old traditional dance to send bugs away from the rice fields! [link]


   Tsuwano Gion Festival, Sagimai Ritual    

Yasaka Shrine Sagi-mai WHERE : Yasaka Shrine and other spots around central Tsuwano                     (Tsuwano Town, Kanoashi-Gun) [map] WHEN :  July 20th (sat)  2019  3:00 p.m. ~ 5:10 p.m.                  July 27th (sat) 2019  3:00 p.m. ~ 5:20 p.m. ABOUT :  The Sagimai Ritual in Tsuwano is a ritual that has been designated an Important Intangible Cultural Property with 400 years of history. Wearing costumes that evoke herons, ritual dancers perform to music and drums at several spots around Tsuwano. Originating in Kyoto, Tsuwano is the only location in Japan where the Heron Dance has been continuously held for over 400 years. Performed every year on July 20th(during Yasaka Shrine’s Gion Matsuri) and 27th around Tsuwano town center and Yasaka Shrine.  

   Shirakata Tenmangu Shrine Summer Festival    

Tenjin fes2014 WHERE :  Matsue Castle ~ Shirakata Tenmangu Shrine area (Matsue City) [map] WHEN :   July 24th (wed)  17:00 ~ , 25th (thurs)     2019 ABOUT :   A lot of night stalls stand on the both sides of the main street that leads to Shirakata Tenmangu Shrine. Group of locals bring portable shrines called mikoshi through the main street accompanied by resounding drums and folk music with cheerful and powerful enthusiasm in the heated summer evening air. You can totally soak yourself up in and enjoy the mood of Japanese summer festival!  

    Mitoya Tenmangu Shrine Summer Festival    

mitoya tenmangu-shrine WHERE :  Mitoya Shopping Street  (Mitoya-cho, Unnan City) [map]   WHEN :   July 25th (thurs) 2019    

    Hikawa DanDan Yosakoi-sai Festival   

WHERE :  [STAGE] Youme Town Hikawa  (Hikawa-cho, Izumo City) [map] [PARADE] Shobara Green Town [CONTEST STAGE] Izumo Irisuno-Oka  [map] WHEN :   July 27th (sat) 2019  12:00 ~ 21:30 INFORMATION: [link]  

    Hirata Festival / Hirata Tanabata Decorated Boat Parade   

WHERE :  Hirata-cho Main Street (Hirata-cho, Izumo City) WHEN :   July 27th (sat) 2019 Hirata Festival Stage Event 13:00 ~ 18:00 Hirata Tanabata Decorated Boat Parade 19:00 ~ 20:30 INFORMATION: [link]  

    Okinoshima Town Summer Festival   

WHERE : Saigo Port  (Okinoshima Town) [map] WHEN :  August 3rd (sat)  2019  17:00 ~ 21:00 ABOUT :  Walk down rows of food stalls while watching special performances of Oki folk songs on stage.  

   Yamanba Festival   

WHERE : Yakami Elementary School (Ohnan Town) [map] WHEN :  August 14th (wed)  2019  18:30 ~ 22:00 ABOUT :  Parade floats built by the 5 village councils that make up the Yakami district is a sight to see. The “Yamanba Odori” dance is something everyone can enjoy participating in. The shops and bazaars are also popular every year.  

    Takase River Lantern Floating Festival   

WHERE : Takase River (Izumo City) [map] WHEN :  August 15th (thurs)  2019  20:00 ~   

   Tsuwano Lantern Floating Festival    

WHERE : River bed near Tsuwano Ohashi Bridge (Tsuwano Town) [map] WHEN :  August 15th (thurs)  2019  19:00 ~  ABOUT :  An old end of summer tradition of the “Little Kyoto” Tsuwano town. The multicolored lanterns, that carry the spirits of the ancestors, slowly float down the clear stream creating a spirited away world.  

   Tsuwano Bon Dance Festival    

WHERE : Tsuwano Tonomachi Street (Tsuwano Town) [map] WHEN :  August 15th (thurs)  2019  20:30 ~ 22:00 *times may change without notice ABOUT :  Designated as an Intagible Cultural Assest by the prefecture. This Tsuwano dance is one type of Buddhist invocation dance. In 2017, the festival has reached its 400th anniversary.  

   Lantern Floating Festival   

WHERE : near Matsue Ohashi Bridge (Matsue City) [map] WHEN :  August 16th (fri)  2019   19:00 ish ~ 21:00 ABOUT :  The current layout of lantern floating fesival in the “city of water” dubbed Matsue hasn’t changed much since 1955. The lanterns float under many bridges as they make their way down the Ohashi River and the scenery it creates resembles a home town atmosphere you would expect in a fairytale.  

   Takeuchi Shrine Festival   

WHERE : Takeuchi Shrine (Higashiizumo-cho, Matsue City) [map] WHEN :  August 31st (sat)  2019 ABOUT :  Festival celebrated at the end of the summer. A little more than 300 stalls lighting up the night for the 100,000 visitors. From 4 o’clock in the morning on the following day, a mysterious Shinto ritual also begins to take place.    

2019 Firework Festivals

  Japan celebrates spring with “hanami” and they celebrate summer with “hanabi*”. From July through August, summer fireworks festivals are held all over the country. And in Shimane, like many other areas in Japan, many people get together to enjoy the festivities, the fireworks, the delicious festival foods, and to enjoy the time with the camaraderie of friends. Many of the fireworks festivals are parts of larger summer festivals, so please check them out as well. The festivals are really good for those that want to experience the traditional Japanese countryside. Grab your yukata, jinbei, or whatever summer attire you might have and join in on one of the summer festivals in Shimane! *hanabi = 花火、はなび = flower fire (lit. transl.) = fireworks.    East Area         Central Area         West Area        Island Area   

    Nima-Goise Festival     

Nima goise WHERE :  Around the Nima Sand Museum (Nima-cho, Ohda City)  [map]   WHEN :  July 13th (sat)  2019  17:00 ~ *fireworks 20:30 ~ (2000 count)  

   Kisuki Summer Festival    

WHERE :  Hii-River riverbed  (Kisuki-cho, Unnan City)  [map] WHEN :  July 20th (sat)  2019  *fireworks 20:00 ~  (2000 count) ABOUT :   Boasting over two hundred years of history, the festival is host to street stalls that line the main street while Kagura (a traditional dance ritual) is performed. Visitors can enjoy about 2,000 fireworks from a distance of just 120m. Kagura starts at 8:30 p.m.  

   Eena Matsuri Kawamoto Gonokawa River Fireworks Display    

Go-nokawa River Fireworks Festival
WHERE :  Kawamoto Main Street   (Kawamoto Town, Ochi-Gun) [map]    WHEN :  July 27th (sat)  2019  *fireworks 20:00 ~ 21:00 (2000 count)  

   Tonbara-Furusato Summer Festival  

WHERE :  Former Tonbara Brand of Iinan Town Hall (Iinan Town) [map]  WHEN :  July 27th (sat)  2019  *fireworks 20:30 ~ 21:00 (1000 count)  

   ‘Koi Koi Koi’ Festival in Tsuwano    

WHERE : Roadside Station Nagomi-no-Sato (Tsuwano Town, Kanoashi-Gun) [map] WHEN :  July 27th (sat)  2019 18:00~ *fireworks 20:00 ~ 20:40 (3000 count) ABOUT :   This festival allows guests to traditional drumming and modern performances in the historic town of Tsuwano.  

    Yurahime Shrine Festival     

WHERE :    Yurahime Shrine (NishinoshimaTown, Oki-Gun) [map] WHEN :      July 27th (sat), 28th (sun)  2019   *fireworks on 28th at Urago Port [map]  

   Matsue Suigo-sai Festival    

matsue_suigosai WHERE :  Lake Shinji, near the Matsue City Office  (Matsue City)  [map WHEN :   August 3rd (sat) 2019 *fireworks 20:00 ~ 21:00  (10000 count)                August 4th (sun) 2019  *fireworks 20:00 ~ 20:20 (3000 count) ABOUT :    One of the biggest festivals in San-in, Matsue Suigo-sai Festival fireworks take place on two days this year. Incredible 10 thousand fireworks are to be set off above the Lake Shinji, which reflects the beautiful sparks of fireworks on its glossy surface. *Due to the expected amount of traffic, please use public transportation. If you plan on coming by car please park in the designated parking areas.  

     Tenryo-san Festival      

WHEN :  August 3rd (sat)  2019  17:00~ WHERE :   near JR Odashi Station (Ohda City) [map] * WHEN :   August 4th (sun)  2019  9:40~  *fireworks 20:00 ~ 21:00 (6000 count) WHERE :  Kute Port (Ohda City) [map] * WHEN :  August 25th (sun)  2019 10:00~ WHERE :  Omori-cho  (Ohda City) [map] ABOUT :    Tenryo-san festival takes place in 3 days at 3 different venues. On August 4th, more than 6,000 beautiful fireworks are set off at Kute Port. On August 3rd, you can enjoy many local folk performances such as Tenryo Dancing, Tenryo Drums, Iwami Kagura, etc. around JR Oda-shi Station. Lastly, on the 25th, people parade in traditional costumes along with the historic town of Omori, in the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine World Heritage Site!  

   Masuda Suigo-sai Festival    

WHERE :  Takatsu River Bank (Masuda City) [map] WHEN :  August 3rd (sat)   2019  16:00 ~ *fireworks 20:00 ~ (4800 count)  

   Hamakko Summer Festival    

WHERE :   Hamada Port (Hamada City) [map] WHEN :   August 3rd (sat)  2019  16:00 ~ *fireworks 20:30 ~ 21:15  (5000 count)

   Yunotsu Onsen Summer Festival     

yunotsu summer festival WHERE :  Yunotsu Port (Ohda City) [map] WHEN :  August 10th (sat)  2019  17:00 ~ *fireworks 19:50 ~ 20:20 (1000 count) ABOUT :    Fireworks are displayed over the Japan Sea and you will enjoy the dynamic view of beautiful fireworks at close! Awe-taking Kagura performances, local food stalls are also something that you can really enjoy!

   Daito Tanabata (Star) Festival    

Daito Tanabata Festival WHERE :  Daito Shopping Street (Daito-cho, Unnan City) [map] WHEN :    August 6th (tues)  2019  *fireworks 20:30 ~ (1500 count) ABOUT :    This traditional festival has more than 400 years of history. Bamboo are beautifully decorated with wishing papers, as well as the unique amazing floats with lanterns are a must-see!  

   Izumo Shinwa (Japanese Myth) Festival    

Izumo Myth Festival WHERE :   Kunibiki-chuou Street (Imaichicho, Izumo City), Kandachi River Bank Park (Otsu, Izumo City) [map] WHEN :  August 10th (sat)  2019   17:00 ~ 20:15                     *fireworks  August 11th (sun)  2019  19:45 ~ 20:50 ABOUT :    This festival take places over 2 days. Izumo Bon Odori folk dancing on 10th and breathtaking 8,000 fireworks display at the Hii River bank on 11th . The Hii River is the setting of one of the Japanese myths, ‘Yamata-no-orochi’. There will also be many night stalls set up too.  

    Chiburijima Fireworks Festival     

WHERE :    Chibu Village [map] WHEN :      August 14th (wed) 2019 18:00 ~ *fireworks  20:00~  

   Yoshika Town Furusato Summer Festival   

WHERE :  Kakinokimura Aioi Bridge area (Yoshika Town) [map] WHEN :    August 14th (wed)  2019  *fireworks 20:00 ~ (3,000 count)  

   Yasugi Tsuki-no-wa Festival    

Tsukinowa WHERE :   Main street in Yasugi [map] & Yasugi Port (Yasugi City) [map] WHEN :   August 14th (wed) ~ 17th (sat)   2019                  *fireworks 8/14 20:00 ~ 20:45 (5000 count)  

   Tsuwano Nichihara Ayu Summer Festival    

WHERE :   Takatsugawa River Fisheries Cooperative Nichihara Office (Tsuwano Town, Kanoashi-Gun) [map] WHEN :       August 15th (thurs)  2019  18:00 ~ *fireworks 20:00 ~ 21:00 (2500 count)  

    Gonokawa River Festival    

Go-nokawa River Fireworks Festival WHERE :    Around JR Gotsu Station, Gonokawa River (Gotsu City) [map] WHEN :     August 16th (fri) 2019   10:00 ~                     *fireworks 20:10 ~ (6000 count + 4000 lanterns on the river)  

    Kin Nya Monya Festival     

WHERE :    Hishiura Port (Ama Town, Oki-Gun) [map] WHEN :      August 24th (sat) 2019  food stalls open from 11:00 ~ *parade starts at 18:00 ~; fireworks from 19:30 ~  

   Minari Atago Festival  

WHERE :  Minari (Okuizumo Town) [map]  WHEN :  August 24th (sat), 25th (sun) 2019  *fireworks 8/24 20:30 ~ (1000 count)  

Horan-Enya Festival 2019 (May 18, 22 & 26)

Around 370 years ago, during a time of feudal Japan, the Izumo province was struck with bad weather which lead to a bad harvest that threatened the region with famine. The lord of the domain at the time, Matsudaira Naomasa, then decided to take the deity by boat from Jozan-Inari Shrine, behind Matsue Castle, to Adakaya Shrine on the outskirts of the city in order to pray for a good harvest. That year was Shōhō 4 or 1647 according to the Gregorian calendar and since then they have continued the tradition every 10 or 12 years. Horan-Enya Currently, the festival is known as one of three big boat festivals in Japan, where the procession of boats involved total to about 100 boats, but it always didn’t involve that many boats. It actually wasn’t until 1808 when stormy conditions threatened the festival that local fishermen from the Makata village became involved in escorting the boats safely to the shrine. Since then it became a tradition to have these “kaidenma” boats help with the escorting, and four other villages (Yada, Ooi, Fukutomi, Oomisaki) also joined in the ceremony as well. The ceremony encompasses a total of nine days and is split up into three main parts; “Togyosai” Transfer Festival, “Chuunichisai” Middle Day Festival, “Kangyosai” Return Festival. “Togyosai”  Transfer Festival May 18, 2019 (Sat) “Chunichisai”  Middle Day Festival May 22, 2019 (Wed.) “Kangyosai”  Return Festival May 26, 2019 (Sun.)   For more information check out the official Horan-Enya 2019 homepage.   And, check out the Horan-Enya Memorial Hall museum if you want to learn more about the festival and the history of past festivals. They also offer admission discounts to international visitors. ↓More Information↓ To commemorate the festival they are offering FREE ADMISSION on May 18, 26 2019 Also, check out our 1 min. YouTube video of the Horan-Enya Memorial Hall. Matsue Horan-Enya Memorial Hall (松江ホーランエンヤ伝承館) ■Address: 250, Tonomachi, Matsue City Google maps link: ■Website: ■TEL: 0852-32-1607 ■Hours of Operation: [Apr. ~ Sep.] 8:30am – 6:30pm (last admission at 6pm) [Oct. – Mar.] 8:30 am – 5pm (last admission at 4:30pm) *Closed 3rd Thurs. of the month (Fri. if Thurs. is a holiday) ■Discounted Admission: Adults 100JPY Elementary/ Junior High School students: 50JPY