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Hotel, Japanese ryokan, and other unique places to stay are available in Shimane to meet your preferences. Relax fully your mind and body at the end of a sightseeing day.


Ryokan, in a short word, is a type of traditional Japanese style inn. Generally, rooms are floored with tatami and are designed in an authentic Japanese style. Most ryokan have common bath room or onsen if any are nearby, and some rooms may be equipped with in-room private bath as well. Bedding is futon laid on tatami floor and a room maid will take care of everything for guests with their thoughtful hospitality. Imagine how your time at ryokan flows. At the entrance, you are welcomed by smiling staff, enter your room and get dressed in yukata wear, enjoy local and seasonal Japanese cuisine after a refreshment of bath, and sleep on fluffy futon which a room maid has set out for you. Staying at a ryokan should be a unique experience, so book a room at your preferred ryokan for at least one night while in Japan.


For those who prefer western-style room and bedding, then Shimane has a variety of choices to meet your tastes and budget, from a business to family-friendly type hotel. A room of a business hotel in Japan should be relatively compact, but yet functional and cozy to stay. Feel the Japanese hospitality while at western-style facilities.


There are other interesting lodging options. Guest houses are perfect for budget travellers. Staying at a calm temple could be an extraordinary experience. Or, how about staying as if you live there at a reformed samurai house? Hope you will find a home away from home in Shimane.
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