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West Area

(Gotsu, Hamada, Masuda, Tsuwano, Yoshika)

Top Attractions

Western Shimane is the place for those who want to feel the good old Japan. Traditions and cultures are still present here, it is recommended to experience the dynamic performance of Iwami Kagura. In the old castle town of Tsuwano, you will be welcomed by beautiful koi carps and a row of buildings with white plaster walls.

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Iwami Kagura "Shoki" Poster

The Iwami Kagura Performance "Shoki"

Message from Iwami Tourism Promotion Committee. “The novel coronavirus is having an impact on big cities…

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Amongst famous Japanese traditional performing arts like Kabuki and Noh, Kagura is the oldest with its origin …

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Easy access for IWAMI KAGURA in Hamada

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We were able to have a rare experience: making shimenawa, a sacred rope made out of bunches of straw twisted a…

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Regions of Shimane
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