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Islands Area

(Okinoshima, Nishinoshima, Chibu, Ama)

Top Attractions

Oki islands are truly a place to get away and enjoy nature. Incredibly peaceful walks in deep forests, or along dramatic coastlines the islands are what many tourists love about the Oki Islands. The plant-life on the islands is of continual interest as climate and isolation from the mainland Japan has fostered unique combinations of warm-temperate and cool-temperate species. There are a number of trails leading to incredible rock formations.

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Amazing scenery on the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark You Tube channel   Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geo…

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Spiritual Locations in the Oki Islands

  Tamawakasu-no-mikoto Shrine This shrine is the main general shrine of Oki, and was constructed in the Oki ar…

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