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Shimane has a variety of cultural, ritual and unique events. Find out what's happening in Shimane and get yourself involved. Here is the annual calendar for major events in Shimane.

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Kiccho Shinji
Ritual festival around Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine to celebrate New Year

(January 3rd every year : East area)

Mononobe Jinja Shrine Busha-sai (archery)
Ritual archery of exorcism held at the shrine known for luck in battles and for victory

(January 7th every year : Central area)


Imazu Tondo Festival
Festival to burn ornaments for New Year’s Day with hope of good health in the coming year

(January 15th every year : Islands area)

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grillMatsue “Dan-Dan” Food Festival
Snow crab, soba buckwheat noodle, shijimi clams, all the local delicacies gather in Matsue!

(During February : East area)

yukiakariSanbe Romantic Candle Night “Yukiakari Festival”
Be charmed by gentle candle lights placed in thousands of snow huts

(early in February : Central area)

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The season of sakura and flowers!
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Matsue Musha Gyoretsu Warrior Parade
People dressed as samurais or princesses march through the castle town in blooming cherry blossoms.

(early in April : East area)

Washibara-hachimangu Shrine Yabusame Ritual
Horseback archery, which is one of the Tsuwano’s premier annual events

(second Sunday of April every year : West area)

Renge-e-mai DanceOki Kokubun-ji Temple Renge-e-mai Dance
The Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan

(April 21st every year : Islands area)

Nodaikon Wild Radish Flower FestivalNodaikon Wild Radish Flower Festival
One of the spring festivals on the islands, it is held when the slopes of Mt. Akahage (Chiburijima) are covered with nodaikon flowers.

(Late April every year : Islands area)

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Yasugi Cutlery Festival
Learn about knife in the city of steel, Yasugi

(early in May : East area)

Shigesa Bushi Dance Parade
Let’s dance to Oki’s traditional folk, Shigesa Bushi

(early in May : Islands area)

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Gorei-furyuTamawakasu-no-mikoto Shrine Festival, Goree-Furyuu
Horses carrying the gods gallop up to the shrine entrance

(June 5th every year : Islands area)

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sagimaiSagimai (heron dance) Ritual in Tsuwano
Shimane’s Important Intangible Cultural Property with over 400 years of history

(July 20th and 27th every year : West area)

gionGion Festival in Hirose
A Mikoshi (portable shrine) and Kanto (lantern pole with a lot of lanterns) parade through the town with fireworks up in sky

(July 21st every year : East area)

gionIkku Shrine Festival (Amasashihiko-no-mikoto Shrine)
This festival is held at the most important shrine of Chiburijima Island. The performances include Kagura Shinto Dances and a kabuki play performed by children.

(Late July, even years : Islands area)

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Matsue Suigo-saiMatsue Suigo-sai Festival
Ten thousands of fireworks above Lake Shinji

(Beginning of August : East area)

syarabuneShara-bune Spirit Boat
Farewell festival for ancestors by the decorated boat

(August 16th every year : Islands area)

Kinnyamonya FestivalKinnyamonya Festival
Learn the local dance and join the colourful parade! Around 1,000 people dance along to the island's most popular folk song, Kinnyamonya-bushi.

(Fourth Saturday of August every year: Islands area)

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bull fightHassaku Bull Sumo Tournament
One of the traditional Oki bull sumo tournaments. The event is a ritual offered for the Dangyo Shrine and Hassaku Shrine Festival.

(September 1st every year : Islands area)

umi kaguraUmi Kagura
A rare occation when Iwami Kagura (shinto ritual dance) performed on the beach

(middle of September : Central area)

Shuhaira DanceShuhaira Dance
Watch the old Shinto dance performance and experience the Oki’s traditional culture!

(middle of September, every year : Islands area)

shinnohSada Shin Noh at Sada Shrine
Sacred dance registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

(September 24 and 25 every year : East area)

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suitouroMatsue Suitoro (Water Lantern Festival)
Light and shadow create the fantastic sceneries in the city of water, Matsue

(During October : East area)

grand teaMatsue Grand Tea Ceremony
Feel the authentic tea ceremony atmosphere in one of the three meccas of Japanese tea

(early in October : East area)

imoni2Imoni to Jizake no kai (Taro potatoes and Local sake Festival)
Feed yourself with autumn delicacy of Tsuwano, taro potatoes with local sake

(middle of October : West area)

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}I„ÿGakuenji Temple Autumn/Fall Colour Festival
Walk through red tunnel above the approach way on a red carpet made by fallen leaves

(from middle to end of November : East area)

kagura taikaiJapan Iwami Kagura Contest
Feel the dynamism of Kagura (shinto ritual dance)

(Middle of November : West area)

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morotabuneMiho Shrine Morotabune Shinji (shinto ritual)
Shinto ritual representing the scene of the ancient myths

(December 3rd every year : East area)

hourglassNew Year Countdown at Nima Sand Museum
Turn over the world’s biggest hourglass to clock another one year

(December 31st every year : Central area)