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Oki Islands Model Course – all four islands Two Nights, Three Days Culture and History Lover

Day One: DOGO ISLAND Rosoku jima (Candle Island)    Fukuura Tunnel [Okinoshima Island]    Dangyo no Taki Waterfall    Chichi-sugi Japanese cedar in the Sizen-kaiki-no-mori Forest [ Okinoshima Island]    Tamawakasu no mikoto Shrine Take morning shuttle bus from Matsue Station/ Yonago Station/Yonago Airport) ↓ 9:00 Shichirui Port (Ferry Kuniga) 11:25 Saigo Port ↓ Lunch: Local Food (Restaurant at the port) ↓ Drive around Dogo Island (Rent-a-car) West Course OR East Course – you decide where you want to go! ↓ Stay: Dogo (Minshuku/Ryokan/Hotel)   Day Two : NAKANOSHIMA ISLAND and CHIBURIJIMA ISLAND Amanbow submarine boat [Nakanoshima Island]   Sekiheki (Red Cliff) in Chiburi Island   Mt. Akahage [Chiburi Island] AM 8:30 Saigo Port (Ferry Shirashima)  – 9:40 Hishiura Port Sightseeing Bus around Nakanoshima Island OR Explore the island by rent-a-cycle Lunch: Local Food PM Inter-island Ferry to Kurii Port (15 minutes) Sightseeing Taxi around the island (2 hours) – Sekiheki (Red Cliff), Mt. Akahage etc. Inter-island Ferry to Beppu Port (15 minutes) Stay: Nishinoshima (Minshuku/Ryokan/Hotel)   Day Three : NISHINOSHIMA ISLAND Matengai Cliff [Nishinoshima Island]   akekure no iwaya Nishinoshima   Kannon-iwa Rock   Onimai lookout Nishinoshima   Takuhi Shrine [ Nishinoshima Island ]   AM Sightseeing Bus around the island – Akao Lookout, Matengai Cliff OR Tsutenkyo Arch, Yurahime Shrine Lunch – Urago Port area PM Sightseeing Taxi to Takuhi Shrine Climb to shrine, explore, climb down (20 minutes one way) Taxi to port Nishinoshima Furusato-kan Museum, Kurogi Imperial Palace Site 15:45 Beppu Port (Ferry Oki) 17:55 Shichirui Port   Please contact the local tourism associations to do necessary bookings. For more information about the Oki Islands please visit the official website and facebook page: Website: Travel Oki Islands Facebook: Visit the Oki Islands