“EVANGELION and Japanese Swords” is coming to Matsue History Museum!

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After a successful tour to France and Spain, Special Exhibition “Evangelion and Japanese Swords” makes a triumphant return to Matsue History Museum. 

 Exhibition Period : November 21 (Fri), 2014 ~ January 18 (Sun), 2015

The exhibition “Evangelion and Japanese Swords” is a fusion of Japanese animation culture and a Japanese traditional art. The Japanese sword smith’s passion realized this collaboration project with 26 works including “Lance of Longinus” as well as new works inspired by the world of the Evangelion! What’s more, NATAYANAGI, the Japanese halberd designed by Mr. Ikuto Yamashita, a mechanic designer of Evangelion, and created by a sword smith of Miyairi Clan, is to be released for the first time!

More information coming soon…

エヴァチラシ表 エヴァチラシ裏

Exhibition period: November 21, 2014 to January 18, 2015 Closed: 18 November 2014, 15 January 2015 Hours: 8:30-17:00 (Entry by 16:30) Admission fee for the special exhibition: Adults 900 JPY, Middle school students and younger: 700 JPY

Matsue History MuseumMatsue History Museum The museum is built next to Matsue castle and is made to resemble a samurai residence. The museum showcases the history and culture of the 400-year old castle town of Matsue. Inside the museum’s café one can enjoy original Japanese confectionary and green tea with a view of a traditional Japanese garden.Opening hours : Apr.-Sep 8:30 – 18:30 (entry by 18:00), Oct.-Mar 8:30- 17:00 (entry by 16:30) Admission discount : Adult -250 JPY/ Elementary,Junior hgh school students – 130 JPY