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About Indigo Dyeing

indigo dyeingAizome” (Indigo Dyeing) is one of the Japanese traditional dyeing. Its deep rich color is widely known as “Japanese Blue”. There are a variety of dyeing styles throughout Japan, and each style has its own unique features.

Process of Indigo Dyeing 

To be completed as dyed fabric, long and very sensitive process is needed.Indigo dye is usually made from plant leaves called “tade”, the leaves are dried and then fermented by adding small amounts of water. After fermenting for one hundred days, wheat bran called “husuma”, lime, and Japanese sake are added together with the fermented leaves. After an additional week, the fermented indigo solution is finally ready for dyeing fabrics and threads. However, the material is so delicate that it must be always well maintained. Craftsmen pay attention 

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The indigo solution itself doesn’t look blue, but fabrics and threads that absorbed the indigo dye turn blue when they are exposed to air. The process for dyeing threads and fabrics is done repeatedly, deepening the color of the dye little by little until it becomes a beautiful Japanese Blue.

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