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Spring highlight which can only be seen here!

Chisen Peony During the peony season, which lasts from the later half of April to the beginning of May, peonies color the gardens in Daikonjima Island, where the peony festival take place. A lot of visitors come and enjoy the many kinds of peonies in full bloom. 

Peonies yuushien

Among the gardens, the largest facility on the island is the Yuushien Japanese Garden.
Yuushien Garden is located in Daikonjima Island, which was formed when land was pushed up after volcanic activity from about twenty-million-year ago. The volcanic ash contained many nutrients and as it built up in the soil became well suited to cultivate peonies, Shimane’s Prefectural flower, and the people on Daikonshima Island made the best use of it and producing the maximum number of peonies possible.

Yuushien (in May)

This breath-taking scenery occurs only for a week in spring.  Blooming flowers of peony are floated on the surface of a pond in Yuushien Garden, Shimane. The early blooming flowers are gathered from around the island and  This spectacle lasts for only one week per year, usally occurring around the end of April to the beginning of May. 

 Where to see this breath-taking Scenery

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