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Matsue Castle is newly announced to be a National Treasure.

Matsue Castle The castle town of Matsue erupted in celebration for the long-awaited designation of Matsue Castle as a National Treasure.

The long-awaited designation of Matsue Castle as National Treasure was officially announced. The designation of the Japanese castle was made for first time in 63 years, making it the fifth Japanese castle to be designated.

Matsue Castle was built in 1611 by the founder of the Matsue domain. The wooden castle tower was constructed in four sections with five floors.If you are interested in Japanese history or castles, you may already know that there are many many castles around the country, however, among them only 12 are remaining original castles and only 5 are designated as National Treasure. Matsue castle, which is highly regarded as one of the 12 remaining original castles and also 5 castles designated as National Treasure. 


People in the town rejoiced as their long desired hope, to make the castle National Treasure, has come true, and are looking forward to attracting more international visitors.
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What is Japanese National Treasure?

A National Treasurekokuhō in Japanese) is the most precious of Japan’s Tangible Cultural Properties, as determined and designated by theAgency for Cultural Affairs (a subsidiary of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). A Tangible Cultural Property is considered to be of historic or artistic value, classified either as “buildings and structures” or as “fine arts and crafts.” Each National Treasure must show outstanding workmanship, a high value for world cultural history, or exceptional value for scholarship.

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Matsue castle

Matsue Castle

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