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Experience Yasugibushi show and Dojou-sukui dance


workshopDojou-sukui is famous for its comical facial expressions and pelvis movements. Broad smile spread over everyone’s face and you can enjoy the workshop with lots of laughter and joy for sure! So why don’t you experience the merry local performance art together?

See the list of workshops below for more details…


■Yasugibushi Performance Hall


 1.  During Yasugibushi Show      10min         max. 5ppl/one time

At the end of each show, 5 people from the audience can join in a Dojou-sukui dance workshop on the stage! Entrance is open 15min before each show starts and they open entry for the workshop at the same time. So please be there on time for the chance to be selected as those 5 people! All the clothes and gears are provided and then to be put on before the show. You just need to prepare a pair of trousers that are easy to move.


time30min   (Yasugibushi show 20min & Dojou-sukui workshop 10min)

Show timetable:     10:30am~,  11:40am~,  1:30pm~,  3:30pm~   (Each show is 30min)
*Schedule subject to change due to reserved shows for private groups etc., please inquire in advance.
■DOOR OPEN 15min  before each show.
■Need to show up at the door 15min before the show to join this workshop.


Show admission fee :

Adults … 600yen  (*300yen)
Junior high and elementary School … 300yen  (*150yen)

■(*  ) : International visitors can get discounts by showing valid passports or Residence Card at ticket counters.)
■No extra fee is required to join in this workshop.

Prepare a pair of trousers that are easy to move.


 2.  Private Dojou-sukui workshop with Yasugibushi show         for group of 5 to 40 ppl


For group of 5 to 40 people, private Dojou-sukui dance workshop with Yasugibushi show is available. You put on the costume and all gears are provided. You can learn how to do each movement and its meaning step by step from a professional Dojou-sukui performer. It’s a fun and unique opportunity that you can enjoy with joy and get more familiar and united with your friends or colleagues!




Fee :      2500yen/person

■Reservations required

■ Inquire available dates in advance

Prepare a pair of trousers that are easy to move.


 3.  Private Dojou-sukui / Zeni-daiko workshop with Yasugibushi show & lunch box         for group of 8 or more ppl

In this private workshop, you can choose Dojou-sukui dance experience or Zeni-daiko (two decorated bamboo sticks with old coins inside *see details) experience. Both include great Yasugibushi show and a delicious bento lunch box.



Fee :      3000yen/person

■Reservations required

■ Inquire available dates in advance

Prepare a pair of trousers that are easy to move.


addressYasugibushi Performance Hall

Open:     10am ~ 5pm
Closed:   Wednesday (in May, Oct. & Nov. only the first Wednesday is closed)

534, Furukawacho, Yasugi City, Shimane 692-0064
Tel.   0854-28-9500





time1hr ~

Reservations required at least 2 days in advance


 Fee : 

  1 person    5,000yen
  2~10 ppl    5,000yen + 1,000yen/person for additional people
(eg.  2 ppl … total 6,000yen,  5 ppl … total 9,000yen   etc)
  11~19 ppl    14,000yen
+ 500yen/person for additional people






(Same fee applies for Zeni-daiko workshop and Yasugi-bushi singing workshop)

You can get a certificate of Dojou-sukui (elementary level) at the end of workshop.



Open:     9am ~ 4pm
Closed:   occasionally

467-5, Furukawacho, Yasugi City, Shimane 692-0064
Tel.   0854-28-6788