Matsue Water Lantern Festival

2019 Matsue Water Lantern Festival (9/21-10/31)

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Light up the Castle Town of Matsue

Matsue Water Lantern Festival (Matsue Suitoro) is a light-up event taking place in Matsue, where is known as a water city. During the event, about 2,000 lanterns are set up at Matsue Castle and the surrounding area. Main Events are held on weekends and public holidays during 9/21-10/31 from 6PM to 9PM (*except for 10/22). *Please come back again for more updates Suitouro Map VENUE:  Matsue Castle [map] and the surrounding area TIME: 6PM – 9PM Opening Lighting Ceremony (by Matsue Samurai Supporters) 9/21  5:55 PM~ At Otemae Hiroba Boat Pier [map] MAIN EVENT DATES: September  21 / 22* / 23* / 28 / 29   *canceled due to typhoon (updated 9/20) October      5 / 6 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 19 / 20 / 26 / 27 [OFFICIAL WEBSITE] (Japanese site) Matsue Water Lantern Festival  

Horikawa Night Sightseeing Boat Tour

At the Horikawa Night Sightseeing Boat Tour which goes the castle moat  (The night operation is only during the period of this event), visitors can enjoy the fantastic and mysterious atmosphere made by lights in the darkness and the reflections in the water. Various events, such as music and art events also take place mainly in the castle ground and Shiomi-nawate Street. Horikawa-night-boat-tour Date:  Main event dates only (*Please see above) Time:   6PM ~ 9PM Fare:   <One-way>  Adult : 800 yen / Child : 400 yen / Charter : 7,200 yen (1 boat / need prior booking) Boarding Points:  Otemae Hiroba [map] ⇔ Fureai Hiroba [map]  ※20 min one-way  

Special Night Green Tea Service at the top floor of Matsue Castle

Enjoy a bowl of green tea and a Japanese confectionery made in Matsue at the top floor of National Treasure Matsue Castle, while looking over the beautiful night scenery of the castle town. Matsue-castle Date:  Main event dates only (*Please see above) Time:  6PM ~ 8PM Price:  700 yen (green tea & Japanese confectionery) (50 sets per night) *Admission fee for the castle to be paid separately Location:  At the top floor of the castle

Matsue Castle Night Entrance

Date:  Main event dates only (*Please see above) Time:  6PM ~ 9PM  (Last admission at 8:30PM) Price:  (~9/30) Adult: 330 yen / Child: 140 yen (10/1~) Adult: 340 yen / Child: 140 yen Location:  Matsue Castle [map]  

Suitoro at Kencho Garden

In collaboration with Matsue Water Lantern Festival, Shimane Prefectural Government Office holds a small water lantern festival, called “Yuitoro” at the front garden for 3 nights during the Festival. There will be rows of handmade water lanterns, cafe, live music as well as the lighting-up of the government office building which has been designated as Registered Tangible Cultural Property along with the surrounding prefectural buildings in August 2019. suitoro Date:  10/18, 10/19 & 10/20 Time:  6PM ~ 9PM  (*close at 8:30PM on 10/20) Location:  Front garden of Shimane Prefectural Government Office  [map]  


Free Shuttle Bus:   Main event dates only (*Please see above) (JR Matsue Sta. South Ext.[map]~ Matsue Shinjiko Onsen Sta.[map] ~ Otemae[map]) shuttlebus From JR Matsue Station: By bus: 10 min by public bus bound for Matsue Shinjiko Onsen Sta. By foot: 30 min walk (2km) From HIROSHIMA: By highway bus: There is a special promotion for international travelers! Please check here!     HIROSHIMA – MATSUE 500YEN BUS (4/1/2019 ~ 3/31/2020)