2019 Yasugi Kiyomizu-dera Temple Lantern Festival (10/26 & 27)

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kiyomizudera-akarisandou Yasugi Kiyomizu-dera Temple Lantern Festival is a light-up event taking place at Yasugi Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Yasugi City. The small lanterns placed on the approach are made by local elementary students, while lanterns placed in the precincts are made with local traditional hand-made washi Japanese paper and locally made indigo-dyed fabrics. Enjoy the beautiful relaxing night and local specialties at this temple lit by the tender lights of lanterns. VENUE:    Yasugi Kiyomizu-dera Temple [map] DATE & TIME: 2019/10/26 (Sat.) & 10/27 (Sun.) 5 PM ~ 8:30 PM   yasugikiyomizudera-map

Art Live

Time:  6:30 PM ~ 7:30 PM Location: Komyokaku (1) in the brochure

Green Tea Service

Time:  5 PM ~ 8 PM Price:  200 yen *A complimentary cup of green tea is served for visitors wearing kimono (one cup per person) Location: In front of Temizusha (2) in the brochure

Local Specialty – Kiyomizu Yokan (sweet Azuki bean jelly) –

kiyomizudera Try Kiyomizu Yokan while visiting this temple. You can buy them at little cute nostalgic souvenir stalls in the precincts. Kiyomizu Yokan is a bar of sweet Azuki bean jelly -one of the local favourites! Time:  ~ 20:30 PM Location:  Souvenir shops in the precincts (3) in the brochure

Kimono Show including live kimono dressing show

Date: 10/27 (Sun.) Time:  6 PM ~ 8 PM Location: Konpondo (4) in the brochure


Free Shuttle Bus:  *first-come-first-served basis (JR Yasugi Sta. [map] ⇔ Yasugi Kiyomizu-dera Temple [map]) Departure Time Station –> Temple 16:55 17:35 18:15 19:05 19:45 Temple –> Station 17:15 17:55 18:35 18:45 19:25 20:05 20:30 From JR Yasugi Station:   By taxi: 10 min From Yasugi I.C. on San-in EXPWY:   By car: 5 min