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The Iwami Kagura Performance “Shoki”

Iwami Kagura "Shoki" Poster

Message from Iwami Tourism Promotion Committee.

“The novel coronavirus is having an impact on big cities leading to crisis in countries all over the world and including Japan as a whole. The epidemic has caused scheduled festival performances of Iwami Kagura to be continuously canceled. And now, the heroic performances of Iwami Kagura are no longer performed in front of big audiences and the nostalgicsounds of the flute are no longer heard.

However, looking through the 30 different stories of Iwami Kagura, we have found a story, relatable to the current situation, about praying for the end of a disease. Once again, after learning more about the traditions and wisdom passed upon us by the older generations, we, at this time, would like to introduce the story “Shoki”. We hope that this video, specially dedicated to the quick end of this epidemic, can provide emotional support for everyone.”


Iwami Tourism Promotion Committee Official Website