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*Updated 8/3* Coronavirus in Shimane Prefecture: Latest Information and Advice

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There currently is an outbreak of a novel coronavirus all over the world, centering around Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China.

We are trying to collect needed information and tourist facilities and accommodations in Shimane have already taken measures to prevent infections.

The Government of Japan has declared a state of emergency (until May 6, 2020) applying to all 47 prefectures, including Shimane prefecture.

*(edited 5/22)*Currently the State of Emergency has been lifting in most prefectures, not all, but residents and foreign nationals living in Japan are recommended to still follow safe practices in order to maintain the safety of themselves and everyone around them. Please check the Shimane Prefectural Homepage link below for more information on safety practices for Shimane Prefecture residents.

*(edited 6/22)* State of emergency throughout all prefectures of Japan has been lifted. From 6/18 all travel restrictions throughout all prefectures of Japan have been lifted. Please take caution and practice proper infection prevention safety when traveling.

We kindly ask tourists for their cooperation.

Take care and stay safe!

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