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Information on Suspended Transportation Services

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*updated 06/01/2020

List may not contain all suspended transportation services. Please check with transportation service beforehand.

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Chugoku JR Bus [Matsue Izumo Scheduled Sightseeing Bus] SUSPENDED through 6/30

Ichibata Bus [Scheduled Sightseeing Bus “Goen Bus No. Shimanekko”] All Routes SUSPENDED 

Hiroshima ⭤ Matsue 500 yen Express Bus SUSPENDED

Matsue Lakeline Bus RESUMED *fewer routes

Izumo Airport Connecting Bus RESUMED *fewer routes

“Ametuchi” Sightseeing Train [Tottori Sta. ~ Matsue Station] All Sections SUSPENDED

“Okuizumo Orochi-go” Sightseeing Train SUSPENDED 

SL “Yamaguchi” SUSPENDED 

“Mizukaze” TWILIGHT EXPRESS Train SUSPENDED through June

Sunrise Izumo Overnight Train RESERVATIONS SUSPENDED


Setouchi Seaplanes Shimane Geo Flight RESUMED FROM 6/1

“Hakucho” Lake Shinji Sightseeing Boat RESUMED FROM 6/1

“Yadanowatashi” Sightseeing Boat RESUMED FROM 6/1

Iwami Ginzan Green Slow Mobility Golf Cart Shuttle RESUMED FROM 5/25

Candle Island Sightseeing Boat & Kappa Sightseeing Boat SUSPENDED through 5/31

GeoBus & GeoTaxi SUSPENDED through 5/31

Sekiheki Sunset Boat SUSPENDED

“Amanbou” Underwater Viewing Boat & Night Cruise SUSPENDED through this year

Kuniga Meguri Sightseeing Boat & Bus SUSPENDED

Hamada City Kanko Sightseeing Taxi SUSPENDED through 5/31

Mt. Sanbe Chair Lift RESUMED FROM 5/18

Tsuwano Castle Ruins Chair Lift RESUMED FROM 6/1