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Spiritual Locations in the Oki Islands

  Tamawakasu-no-mikoto Shrine  (Okinoshima Town) [map] This shrine is the main general shrine of Oki, and was …

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Traditions and Culture in Oki Islands

These small and remote islands are home to an incredibly rich and diverse culture that stretches back to ancie…

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Catching Fireflies in Shimane

In Japan, a popular activity during the evenings of early summer is watching fireflies. ‘Hotaru-gari’ as its c…

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Akiya coast

Akiya Coast

In summer you can swim and camp here. It is also a good spot for fishing (many small fish hide under the rocks…

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Akao lookout kuniga coast

Kuniga Coastline

All visitors say “Is this really Japan?” because of the amazing scale of the coast and the impress…

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Tourist Guides in Shimane

Professional Tour Guide Group (Paid) Shimane Interpreter-Guide Association (SIGA)  Professional group of bilin…

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Dangyo-no-taki Falls

Dangyo-no-taki Falls This tranquil waterfall is located deep in the forest in Tsuma, on the west coast of the …

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Candle Island

Candle Island (Rosoku-jima) This rock is a sea stack that uncannily resembles a candle and it looks like a bur…

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