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Recommended Fall Color Spots in Shimane

 For leaves to turn into spectacular color, there are some needed conditions such as, temperature difference between the day and night, enough daylight on the leaves, the clean air, and moderate humidity. As Shimane is blessed with these good conditions, there are many fall color spots in Shimane.
*Conditions differ every year, and best seasons written below change depending on the air temperature.


Gakuenji Temple

Gakuenji Temple
Gakuenji Temple in Izumo City is one of the most well-known temple for its colored leaves. Deep red maple leaves  makes a red tunnel above the approach way, fallen leaves are piled up like a red carpet and welcome the visitors.

Best season : from the middle of Nov. to the end of Nov.
Address :
148 Bessho-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane [map]
: 25 min by bus from the nearlest Ichibata Railway” Unshu Hirata” Station
Admission Fee : Adult 500 JPY/ Middle, Highschool Student 300 JPY / Elementary School 200 JPY

Matsue Castle

Matsue castle autumn

Matsue Castle in AutumnMatsue castle, which is designated as the Important Cultural Property, is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Shimane. In the castle ground, first Ginkgo turns its color into yellow, then Japanese maple into red. You can also enjoy cherry blossoms in spring (the beginning of April).

Best season : from the middle of Nov. to the end of Nov.
Address : 1-5 Tonomachi, Matsue-shi, Matsue [map]
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Yuushien Garden

Yuushien Autumn Photo contest

Night light up (Nov, Dec.)

Yuushien in Matsue City is a place where you can enjoy Japanese gardens with seasonal colors. Yuushien is especially well known for peony flowers in Spring, but autumn colors in this season are also worth visiting. Beautifully organized gardens and autumn colored leaves are lit up gorgeously. During the event (Nov. 14th ~ Dec. 5th),  the closing time is extended to 9 pm.  

Best season : from the middle of Nov. to the beginning of Dec.
Address : 1260-2 Yatsuka-cho Hanyu, Matsue-shi, Shimane [map]

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Ichibata-ji Temple

Ichibata Yakushi
Ichibataji Temple in Izumo City is known as the healing Budda of the eyes. 1,200 stone stairs of the approach way up to the main temple building, is also famous for the marathon race held in October.

Best season : from the middle of Nov. to the beginning of Dec.
Address : 803 Kosakai-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane
Access  : 12 min by route bus  from the nearlest Ichibata Railway “Ichibata Yakushi” Sta. then 5 min walk


Kiyomizudera Temple

kiyomizu Temple autumncolor
Kiyomizudera Tosando Lightup eventKiyomizudera Temple in Yasugi City is a famous temple which expels evil spirits. A light-up event hold in this autumn season, colored leaves are lit up. People come and pay a visit to the temple with lanterns on their hands. Music events are also hold at Konpon-do (National important cultural property) each day in this termof the event (19:00~20:00).
Best season : from the middle of Nov. to the beginning of Dec.     
Address : 528 Kiyomizu-cho, Yasugi-shi, Shimane
Access : 10 min by route bus to “Kiyomizu” Bus Stop from JR “Yasugi” Station


Adachi Museum of Art

Adachi Museum of Art 
in Yasugi City, is a very famous as the No.1 Japanese garden of all in the country. The garden also awarded three stars★★★ from Michelin Green Gude and Guide Blue Japon.
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adachi museum of art autumnVisitors to the museum can enjoy the autumn color from inside of a Japanese style tea room Juryu-an Tea Room  over Japanese matcha tea. (*Extra fee for entry and serving Macha Tea is needed)




Repeated erosion by rushing torrent has formed this ravine Oni-no Shitaburui. This ravine is designated as the place of scenic beauty and the natural monument. Visitors can enjoy the 2 km of walking path along  with huge rocks 
Best season : from the end of Oct. to the middle of Nov.
: 15 min by car from JR Kisuki Line “Izumo Minari” Station


Kingen-ji Temple

kingenji temple
kingenji templeKingenji Temple
 in Okuizumo City is famous for a 350 year-old ginkgo tree and its thatched roof. Yellow carpet of leaves fell from the  ginkgo tree is just stunning. 
Best season : from the end of Oct. to the end of Nov.
: 6.5 km from JR Kisuki Line “Miinohara” Sta. / Adrress : Omaki, Okuizumo-cho



The Itohara Memorial Museum

Itohara memorial
Best season : from the end of Oct. to the middle of Nov.

 Event : Night light up early in November at the Itohara Memorial and the surrounding area.    
 Admission : adult – 300 yen / college, high-school student – 200 yen / junior-high, elementary school student – 100yen * Admission to the Itohara Memorial is not included.


Hori Garden

hori garden_2
hori garden

Best season : from the end of Oct. to the middle of Nov.
Event : Night light up around the middle of November
Admission fee : adult – 500 yen, Junior-high, highschool student – 300 yen / elementary school students – 200 yen



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