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Spectacular Seasonal Sceneries in Shimane


Cherry Blossoms

cherry blossoms in kisuki

cherry blossoms unnanSpring spectacular cherry blossoms can not be missed in Spring of Japan. Blossoms can be enjoyed from the end of May to the beginning of April. We have one of the best 100 spots in Japan, so please click here and see the recommended cherry  blossoms viewing spots>>



Tulip in Hakuta

Every year in the middle of April, hundreds of tulips can be seen. The recommended spots are Tulip field in Hakuta (Yasugi City ) and Hikawa (Izumo City)


Hakuta tulip fields [map]
580 Higashi-mori, Hakuta-cho, Yasugi-shi, Shimane

Hikawa tulip fields [map]
Kasuga, Imazaike, Hikawa-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane




Peonies yuushien

Peony is also one of the best spring highlights in Shimane. Especially on Daikonjima Island in Matsue city, where peony flowers are mainly produced, a lot of visitors come and enjoy the many kinds of peonies in full bloom during the peony season, which lasts from the end of April to the beginning of May.  On the island, there are several peony gardens and among all the gardens, the largest facility on the island is Yuushien Garden.

Chisen Peonies

At Yuushien Garden, its spring highlight “the Chisen Peony” is open to the public from April 29th to March 6th (2015). As it can only be seen here, for only one week per year, a lot of people around Japan came to see this spectacle scenery. Read more about the Yuushien Garden>> 



Hydrangeas – Early Summer – 


Mid-July is the rainy season in Japan. Even if it rains during your visit, you can see hydrangeas in their full bloom. If you come in this season, please take a chance and visit Gessho-ji Temple, which is known as the hydrangea-temple. >>Read more


Lotus flowers at Kojindani

lotus flowers

Kojindani Lotus


lotus konijndaniLotus flowers at Archaeological Museum of Kojindani are impressive. The flowers can be seen from the end of June to the beginning of July, and a festival takes place in July every year.





iris flowers in Yuushien
Iris are in full bloom in early June.

Iris in TonomachiIrises (Hana-shobu flowers) bloom from the end of the May to the middle of the June. The picture above is irises at Yuushien garden. Irises in Tsuwano are also famous.





Fireflies – Early summer nights


It is a popular activity in Japan to go watch fireflies on early summer evenings. ‘Hotaru-gari’ in Japanese means to go firefly catching. However, it doesn’t actually mean to literally catch fireflies; it means enjoying watching the fireflies lighting up the dark.  >>Click here and read more about firefly watching.


Fireworks and Festivals

fireworks and matsue castle

 Fireworks coloring the nights and rows of night stalls can be said as the Japanese summer traditions. During July and August, summer festivals take place around the country. In Shimane, like other areas in Japan,  many people get together to enjoy traditional Japanese-style dancing, singing, fireworks, and delicious festival foods. >>Click here and read more about summer festivals in Shimane. 


Autumn / Fall

Autumn Colored Leaves

autumn colored leaves

From the later November, leaves turn into spectacle autumn colors, there are many fall color spots in Shimane. Let’s go out and enjoy autumn colors Click here and see more autumn colored leaves>>


Light up of the autumn colors

Yuushien Autumn Photo contest

During the autumn color season, light up events take place to praise its beauty. >>Click here and read more




snow daito unnan

In winter, we usually have a lot of snow especially in mountain areas.



winter peony yuushien

yuushien kanbotan winter peony

Peony is a flower of spring, however, visitors can please themselves with blooming flowers in a year around here in Yuushien.  Flowers protected with straw cover look even more frail and beautiful.



All Seasons

Settling Sun over the Lake Shinji

sunset shinji

Outstanding sunset view from the lake-shore of Lake Shinji is one of the must-sees in Shimane. If the weather permits, you can see it in year-round, but it in autumn and winter is said to be especially stunning. >>Click here and see the sunset over the lake Shinji


Flowers at Vogel Park

vogel park (2)


You can enjoy a variety of flowers and plants at Matsue Vogel Park in Matsue City, blooming flowers can be seen in year-around.

Matsue Vogel Park [AnythingPopup id=”9″]