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Dynamic Coastlines, Oki Islands Cruising Tours

Take a Ride on the Sightseeing Boats and be Amazed by the Power of Nature!

Kuniga Coast Sightseeing Boat [Nishinoshima Town]

akekure no iwaya Nishinoshima

Kuniga Coastline has a dynamic landscape. Enjoy the contrast between the natural scenery, which features a rock arch called Tsuten-kyo-arch, a lofty precipice known as Matengai-cliff from the boat. An unique 250m sea cavern called ‘Akekure-no-iwaya’ can only be explored from the sea. The boat can go inside the cave if the conditions are good.

Kuniga Coast Sightseeing Boat [Nishinoshima Town]

Inside the Akekureno-iwaya

Inside the Akekureno-iwaya

Urago Port Course
Duration : 90 minutes
Urago Port – Funabiki Canal – Kuniga Coast – Funabiki Canal – Urago Port
Price : Adult – 2,500 JPY / Child – 1,250 JPY
Operation Time:  ①8:30~10:00 ②13:10~14:10 ③15:10~16:40
Operating Period : ①July 13~August 31 ONLY / ②③April ~October

Beppu Port Course (ends at Urago Port)
Duration : 130 minutes
Beppu Port – Higashi-Kuniga Coast – Kuniga Coast – Funabiki Canal – Urago Port
Price : Adult – 3,300 JPY / Child – 1,650 JPY
Operation  Time : ①10:20~12:30
Operating Period : April 1~October 31
Reservation can be made by email :
*Operating schedule may be changed or canceled when the sea conditions are bad.

Kannon-iwa Rock


 Rosoku-jima (Candle Island) Sightseeing Boat [Okinoshima Town]

Rosoku jima (Candle Island)

 A uniquely shaped 20-meter-high rock pole lying off the coast. This rock is called “Candle Island” because it looks like a burning candle when the setting sun rests on its peak. You can see this Candle Island from observatory, but you can see the candle light burn on its peak only from sightseeing boats.

Candle IslandRosoku-jima (Candle Island) Sightseeing Boat 

★Prior Booking Required★
Adults : 3,000 JPY/ Children(6-11 year-old) : 1,500 JPY
Operating period : April ~ October
The Starting port and time will be designated during reservations.
Please contact Okinoshima Town Tourist Association by email :



Underwater Viewing Boat AMANBOW [Ama Town]

‘”AMANBOW” is a semi-submerged tour boat with an observation room below deck, offering visitors close encounters with undersea life. The night-time cruise from summer to fall is also recommended. The mesmerizing glow caused by undersea bioluminescence will make you feel as if you have entered another world.

amanbowUnderwater Viewing Boat AMANBOW [Ama Town]

Duration : 50 minutes
Price : Adult : 2,000 JPY / Child : 1,000 JPY
Operation : ①8:30~9:20 ②10:00~10:50 ③11:00~11:50 ④13:20~14:10 ⑤14:40~15:30
                        Operating period : April ~ October
* ③will run every day from July 17 – August 31. Minimum of 5 people required between April 1 – July 12 ; September 1 – October 31.

                         May be canceled in case of bad weather.

AMANBOW Night Cruise Tour

Duration : 35 min cruise
★Prior Booking Required★

Price : Adult : 1,500 JPY / Child : 700 JPY
Night Cruises run from 20:40 ~ 21:15 during 
April – October
This night cruise is operated by Marine Port Hotel Ama

*Operating schedule may be changed or canceled when the sea conditions are bad.


Sekiheki (Red Cliff) Sightseeing Boat [Chibu Village]

Sekiheki (Red Cliff)

The dramatic red cliffs of Sekiheki, ranging 50-200 m in height, stretch for approximately one kilometer of Chiburi Island’s west coast. The view of the cliffs from the sea is highly recommended. Their beautiful red tones are an impressive sight for visitors.

Sekiheki (Red Cliff) Sightseeing Boat [Chibu Village]

Duration : 60 minutes
★Prior Booking Required★
Price : 12,000 JPY for a group of four or six persons
*2,000 JPY for each additional person

Please contact Chiburijima Tourist Association by email :