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Candle Island

Candle Island (Rosoku-jima)

This rock is a sea stack that uncannily resembles a candle and it looks like a burning candle when the setting sun rests on its peak. Among all the candle-like rocks around the country, this amazing scenery created by nature is extremely rare. You can see the incredible sight of the candle ‘lit up’ by the setting sun if you take one of the sightseeing boats that leave from Fukuura Beach. If you want to take the cruise, make sure to book in advance at the Okinoshima Town Tourism Association. Otherwise, you can enjoy a pretty view of the Candle Island from above in the Ojirobana Park, and for a closer look take the nature trail down to the coast.

Candle Island


Rosoku-jima (Candle Rock) Sightseeing Boat
★Need prior booking★
Adults : 3,000 JPY/ Children(6-11 year-old) : 1,500 JPY
Operating period : April ~ October
The starting port and time will be designated when you book a cruise.
Please contact Okinoshima Town Tourist Association by email:

Address: Okinoshima Town, Oki-gun
Access: 40 min by car from Saigo Port to the sightseeing boat. 50 min by car from Saigo Port to Ojirobana Park. Sightseeing bus tour (Japanese language only) with Candle Island as one of the destinations also available.