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Arifuku Hot Springs

Arifuku Hot Springs Area
Arifuku Onsen is a small hot spring resort that is located in Gotsu, in the central region of Shimane Prefecture. About 1350 years ago a monk is said to have found the springs. Since then, the Arifuku Hot Springs have been known for good-quality spring water. Its alkaline, pure hot spring water is transparent and gives the skin plenty of moisture and makes you feel moist and smooth. You can enjoy the hot springs at a Japanese style inn (a.k.a “a ryōkan”) and public bathhouse as listed below. The area used to be a flourishing district and many Geisha walked through the busy streets, but today, the area is quiet and surrounded by mountains; welcoming its visitors. Ryōkans, public bath houses, cafes, and shops stand on sloping alleyways, you will enjoy yourself having a walk up the stairs and looking inside them.
Arifuku Hot Springs Area Official Webpage (Japanese)

Public Bath Houses

Gozen-yu (Arifuku Hot Springs)
Gozen-yu [map]
   Opening Hour : 7:00~21:30 (open everyday) 
   Fee: Adult 400 JPY/ Children 200 JPY
   Charterd bathroom for groups : 1,200 JPY / an hour
   Water Tempareture : 42~45 degrees C

Satsuki-yu [map]
   Opening Hour : 7:00~21:30 (open everyday) 

   Fee: Adult 400 JPY/ Children 200 JPY
   Water Temperature : 41 degrees C

Yayoi-yu [map]
   Opening Hour : 7:00~21:30 (open everyday) 

   Fee: Adult 400 JPY/ Children 200 JPY
   Water Temperature :  39 ~ 40 degrees C


Cafe and Accomodation
Arifuku Cafe [Official Website (Japanese)]
After enjoying the public bath houses, or strolling around the town, we recommend you go relax at the Arifuku Café, which serves a menu prepared using local ingredients. Takesumi coffee, made using coffee beans roasted with bamboo charcoal and the water of Arifuku, is popular.

Address : 685, Arifukuonsen-cho, Gotsu City [map]
Opening Time : cafe – 9:00~22:00 (L.O 21:00) *Tues.~15:00
   Lunch and Private open spa (1 hour) 3,500~4,000 JPY  (3 hours) 5,800 JPY
   Stay Overnight (includes dinner and breakfast) 16.800 JPY~/person


Onsen Kagura in Arifuku
Kagura is a traditional performance art in Japan. Kagura in the Iwami Region is called ‘Iwami Kagura’. At the performance hall, Yu-no-machi Kagura-den, Iwami Kagura is performed every Saturday night. The performance hall is a cozy venue (holding approx. 30 people) so you can experience this ancient tradition up close.
   Address : 711, Arifukuonssen-cho, Gotsu City [map]
   Opening Date and Time : 20:30 ~ 21:30 on Saturdays


Access to Arifuku Hot Springs Area
Nearlest JR Station: JR Hamada Sta. or JR Gotsu Sta.
Search route and timetable of on JR WEST (*Please fill in ” Hamada/Gotsu” on the destination station blank.)
   From the stations, route buses for Arifuku Hot Springs are available.

By Highway bus
→ From Hiroshima,
From Hiroshima Sta., take Highwaybus to JR Hamada Sta., then from Hamada Sta., take ‘Iwami-kotsu bus’ to ‘Arifuku Hot Springs’ (30 min./ 640 yen).
See Highway Bus ‘Isaribi Timetable
→ From Osaka
From Osaka Sta., take express bus ‘Hamada Road Express’ to JR Hamada Sta., then take ‘Iwami-kotsu bus’ to Arifuku Hot Springs.
→From Tokyo
From Tokyo Sta., take express bus ‘Iwami Express’ to Hamada Sta. then take ‘Iwami Kotsu bus’ to Arifuku Hot Springs.

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