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Mount Takuhi Walking Trail

(Written by Cleo Wong, CIR in Nishinoshima Town)


The Mount Takuhi Walking Trail starts at the car park and takes you to the summit of the mountain at 452m above sea level. Mount Takuhi is the central pyroclastic cone of the Dozen Caldera and is located right in the middle of the Dozen Islands. If you visit on a sunny day, you will be able to see the breathtaking Dozen Caldera.
It takes only 15 minutes to hike from the car park to the stunning Takuhi Shrine, which is dedicated to the deity of marine safety. It takes approximately an hour to reach the summit from the car park.



Please be reminded that the Mount Takuhi Walking Trail is only accessible by car, taxi, bicycle or on foot; the local bus does not go to Mount Takuhi. Visitors are strongly advised to bring their own drinks and food with them as there are no shops or vending machines nearby. Please also keep an eye out for the venomous Japanese pit viper (also known as “mamushi”).

*Take only pictures and leave only footprints.

Duration: 15 min (from the car park to Takuhi Shrine), 60 min (from the car park to summit)
Access: 20 min by car from Beppu Port.