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2019 Crab Shack in Matsue Opening for a Limited Time!! (12/1-2/29)

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Did you know that snow crab fishing is only allowed for four months out of the whole year? The snow crab fishing season in Japan starts November 6th and goes till March 20th of the following year. During this time delicious snow crab is fished off the coast of Shimane and brought to local restaurants while still extremely fresh. And speaking of restaurants, in Matsue there is a crab shack called Kanigoya that opens only during crab season and serving locally caught crab as well as other seafood.


You could say snow crab becomes a local delicacy during this time.
And this year the crab shack opens from December!! Usually the crab shack “kanigoya” opens from January.

2019 Kanigoya English (front) 2019 Kanigoya English (back)


Crab Shack Information

opening hours December 1, 2019 ~ February 29, 2020
*closed 12/22 ~ 1/9
opening hours 11:00 am ~ 9:00 pm
telephone 090-4100-6942
address 150-7 Higashiasahimachi, Matsue, Shimane (map)
on foot15 min walk from JR Matsue Station
parking  20 cars

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