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“Kani-goya” Crab Shack


Enjoy the locally caught snow crab a cook-it-yourself style

When it becomes the season for snow crab, Crab House (“Kani-goya” in Japanese) is only open for a limited time in Matsue. And offers a feast of fresh crab and other seafoods that you can even cook yourself. The Crab Shack usually opens in January and closes in March, but dates change slightly every year. Inside the crab shack is “izakaya” style seating with a grill on every table. Customers are free to pick and choose their own seafoods from the food counters and cook to their own liking. Locally produced sake is also available. 
Here are three ways to enjoy snow crab:
Boil … most common way of cooking, but best way to enjoy the crab flavor as it is
Shabu-Shabu (kani shabu) … dip into the hot-pot, wait until it floats and then dip into the provided sauce
Kani sashi … raw sashimi crab

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