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“Kani-goya” Crab Shack


Enjoy the locally caught snow crab a cook-it-yourself style


The winter season is said to be the best time to enjoy the freshly caught seafood that make up some of the local delicacies. The San’in Region (Shimane and Tottori) are known for their delicious snow crab which are only caught during the winter months. And one of the best ways to enjoy the locally caught crab and other seafood is to visit “Kani-goya” crab shack in Matsue, Shimane.

Open for only a limited three-month period, “Kani-goya” crab shack is one of the best places to enjoy the locally caught snow crab and other fresh seafood as well. This year’s (2022-23) menu includes steaming crab hot-pots that are sure to warm you up during the cold winter months.

Due to its high popularity with locals and travelers alike, and in accordance to COVID-19 safety measures, the seating capacity has been reduced by 30% and prior reservations are now required.

Reservations can be made [HERE]

COVID-19 Safety Measures
– Reservations are required
– 1 group is allotted 1.5 hours in the restaurant
– 1 group per table
– Masks, temperature checks, and hand sanitization are required upon entry
– Customers who are not feeling well or have fever-like symptoms will not be allowed to enter
– The provided vinyl gloves must be worn when getting food from the food counters

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