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Oki Islands Geopark Museum


Learn about the nature, culture and history of Oki Islands


What are the Oki Islands? How was it created? What about its history and culture? What animals live there? What is a geopark? All those questions and more will be answered when you visit the new Oki Islands Geopark Museum. 

In the center of the museum, there is a 8k video display of the Oki Islands as well as 3D projection mapping exhibition that gives visitors a bird’s-eye view of the Oki Islands as it shows off the Islands’ unique terrain. The museum is split into three main parts: Oki Islands in Earth’s history (Geohistory), history of life on the Oki Islands (Unique Ecosystem), and human history of the Oki Islands (Lifestyle and Traditions). Visitors can also ask for a guided tour for no additional charge. 


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