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Izumo Magatama no Sato Denshokan (Izumo Magatama no Sato Traditional Museum)


Experience the tradition and technique of comma-shaped jewels


The Izumo Magatama no Sato Traditional Museum is a place where you can see, touch and experience the history and culture of Izumo magatama (comma-shaped jewels). The first floor will enchant you with comma-shaped jewels that sparkle radiantly and mysteriously. Meanwhile, the second floor houses a restaurant area where you can enjoy the flavors of Izumo to the utmost while gazing out at beautiful Lake Shinji. There is a studio where you can try your hand at magatama making and take on the challenge of creating the comma-shaped jewels in your own unique style. There is also a section where you can try out collage and create a mini framed picture using agate stones and crystals. Additionally, the museum has a room where you can have a go at searching for jewels, which is a fun experience for both children and adults.

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