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Yaedaki (Yaedaki Falls)


Selected as among Japan’s 100 great waterfalls


Together with Ryuzugadaki (Ryuzuga Waterfalls), the waterfalls have been designated as Ryuzu Yaedaki Prefectural Natural Park, and have also been selected as among Japan’s 100 great waterfalls. In this magnificent gorge, eight richly diverse waterfalls can be found along an approximately 1.5-kilometer stretch of clear river that is dense with old tree growth. There is an established walking path from the parking lot, where you can enjoy a stroll while listening to the pleasant murmurs of the mountain stream. Yaedaki Falls is the largest of the falls. It boasts an approximately 40-meter drop across two stages, and with its abundant flow of water, it makes a beautiful sight. It is also possible to work your way up an iron chain and climb to the top of the massive rock. Conveniently, there is a hut where you can relax after your walk. It is located near the entrance.


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