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Experience the secrets of Japan Bihada (Beautiful Skin) Grand Prix Winner; Shimane

Secrets of the best beautiful skin in Japan

Do you know the fact Shimane has been selected as the No.1 Bihada (beautiful skin) Prefecture for four years in a row?

 The Japanese cosmetic company POLA has collected approximately 700,000 samples from women all over the country to conduct a survey on the skin conditions ; how moisturized, smooth, pore-less, dullness and spotless skin they have and find out which prefecture out of 47 in Japan has the most beautiful skin. The company has annually announced the results as a ranking from 2012, and Shimane has been selected as the Prefecture with the most beautiful skin for four years in a row.

 The secrets of the skin beauty

The secrets of the skin beauty in Shimane lie in natural environments and lifestyle habits. Those elements may be a little difficult for visitors to feel the appreciation, however, onsen is kind of easy to feel its effect and will be such a special care for your skin. 

Onsens have numerous positive effects on the body, especially its beautifying effects on your skin are widely known. The effects vary by the composition of the minerals in the water, one of the hot springs in Shimane contains the highest proportion of skin moisturizing ingredients than any other onsens in Japan. Alkaline water removes old keratin and dirt and helps the skin to absorb the beautifying components. Sulfate ions supply your skin moisture, making your skin vivid. Please do try skin care with onsen water in Shimane.

We will introduce you how to let your skin fully absorb the beautifying components of onsen water.

 Recommended skincare with onsen water

onsen1. Take some flesh onsen water. (*Please be careful when you take water from the pouring gate in case it is very hot.)

2. Dip your towel in the onsen water and wring it gently. (*You cannot dip towels directly in the bathtub.)

3. Put the towel on your face for three minutes and let your skin absorb beautifying components.

4. Finish! Please apply skin lotion not to let the moisture go away.


Experience the secret in onsen resorts in Shimane

Yunotsu Onsen
Yakushiyu yunotsu onsen

Tamatsukuri Onsen


Arifuku Onsen
Gozen-yu (Arifuku Hot Springs)