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2 of Road Stations in Shimane are ranked in the TOP 30 Road Stations in Japan in 2016 by TripadvisorJapan!!


\2 of the Road Stations in Shimane ranked in! /



The top 30 Road Stations in Japan in 2016 were released by Tripadvisor (Japan).

“Road Station Araessa” in Yasugi City ranked in the 10th and “Road Station Kirara Taki” in Izumo City ranked in the 19th out of 1,093 Road Stations nationwide!!!!!

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Road Stations, called “michi-no-eki” in Japanese, are built to provide foods, road maps, sightseeing info, cafe, restaurants, resting area, local delicacies, etc. They often throw seasonal events and festivals.


Road Station Araessa

In Araessa, you can enjoy shopping wide range of local fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh seafoods from the San’in coast etc. A restaurant set in a Japanese traditional house is also visitors favourite! 😀

michinoeki-araessa_outside(Road Station Araessa – 5min from Yonago-nishi IC on the San’in Expressway)

michinoeki-araessa_fishmarket(Fish market)

(You can buy fresh vegetables and fruits grown by local farmers!)

(The signboard with Araessa-kun, the mascot character of Yasugi City, doing Yasugi-bushi folklore dancing 🙂 )

(Lots of local delicacies, souvenirs, breads and traditional crafts! It’s fun to have a look 😀 )


■Araessa website (written in Japanese)

■Araessa Stationmaster’s blog (written in Japanese, but you can see lots of photos!)


Road Station Araessa
address118-1 Nakatsucho, Yasugi City, Shimane



Fresh farmers’ market … 9am – 6pm (closed from 1st/Jan. to 3rd/Jan.)
Fish Market … 10am – 7pm (closed on the 1st & 3rd Wed. of each month and New Year’s holiday)
Restaurant … 11am – 9:30pm *last order at 9pm (open 365days)



Road Station Kirara Taki

While in Kirara-Taki located on the hill by the beach, it enjoys the wonderful ocean view as well as swimming beach, pretty cottages on the hill etc. Sometimes you can find dolphins jumping in the sea if you are lucky! A bakery and cafes nearby have beautiful ocean view seats! 😀

michinoeki-kirara-outside(Road Station Kirara Taki. Beautiful buildings are located by the beach 🙂 )

michinoeki-kirara-beach(It’s so good to swim in the sea in summer at brilliant blue Kirara Breach!)

michinoeki-kirara-sunset(Beautiful sun setting in the sea. Calming relaxing moment at the end of the day)

michinoeki-kirara-bakery(Many delicious breads you can choose from at Kirara Bakery)

michinoeki-kirara-bakery(How about having your break time at the nice ocean view eat-in space in the bakery?)



■Kirara Taki website  (written in Japanese)


Road Station Kirara Taki
address135-1 Taki, Taki-cho, Izumo City, Shimane



Shop … 9am – 6:30pm
Food Court … 9am – 6pm
Goen Fresh Seafood Restaurant … (lunch) 11am – 3:30pm *last order at 3pm (dinner) 5pm – 8:30pm *last order at 8pm
Kirara Bakery … 7:30am – 6:30pm  *eat-in space opens 8:30am – 6pm (closed occasionally)





Please have a time to take a good rest when you drive in Japan especially when you’re driving long distance!

And these Road Stations are great places for your rest and pleasure all together!