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IWAMI KAGURA – Three new videos are released on Youtube!


Amongst famous Japanese traditional performing arts like Kabuki and Noh, Kagura is the oldest with its origin in ancient Japanese mythology.


Specifically in western Shimane, referred to as the Iwami region, it is called “Iwami Kagura”. It is very popular for its entertaining features, such as the use of sound and visual effects to engage the audience in the performance.

Have a look at these videos showing how each element comes into life through the hands of professionals and creates the dance for gods all together…


 01   Creating Masks  from Washi paper

Variety of masks of Iwami Kagura are made of Washi paper and elaborately painted by professionals…


 02   Creating Embroidery by hand

The brilliantly stunning costumes are also made by hand one by one…


 03   The Soul Music

One of the most remarkable things about Iwami Kagura is that it’s like the soul music for the locals. Everyone, old,  young, men and women, enjoy participating in the traditional performance that is held so dear in their hearts…










■ Watch one of the regular IWAMI KAGURA performance!

Iwami Kagura, the world of Japanese mythology & 2017 Performance Schedule