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< EVENT > UMI KAGURA 15th & 16th 2018

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Come and watch this special performance of Iwami Kagura, UMI KAGURA, on a quiet beautiful beach of Iwami!

Umi Kagura  is a performance of Shimane’s traditional performing art, Iwami Kagura. It is performed on a specially built stage on the beach with the setting sun in the background. Watch the heroic stories unravel at this marvelous location!

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Photo Credit : Mika Yamashita

Umi Kagura Character

Photo Credit: Mika Yamashita

What is Iwami Kagura?

Iwami Kagura is a traditional performing art that has been passed down in the Iwami region of western Shimane.

Originally it was dedicated to the patron god during the autumn festival every year to show gratitude for the year’s harvest, but slowly evolved into the hero of the Iwami people and the extravagant local performance they have now.

Luxurious costumes made from threads of gold and silver worn along with expressive masks attract people of all ages to the dynamic performances of Iwami Kagura.

Iwami Kagura is not only performed within Japan, but there are also many performances overseas as well.

The Iwami Kagura performance of “Orochi” breathes fire and smoke with a classic ending of good prevailing over evil. An easy to understand plot inviting people into the world of Japanese mythology.



Schedule  &  Ticketing

Umi Kagura 2018

9/15 (Sat) 4 pm – 8 pm  1000 yen  *Iwami Kagura Performance only

9/16 (Sun) 4 pm – 8 pm  5000 yen  *Special Performances with Exile ÜSA & Balinese Dance

Tickets go on sale from 7/12. Seats are limited so get them while they are still available.
For more information on reserving your tickets,
(*we will be unable to respond to emails from 14-16 Sep as we will be on location. Please contact us via Facebook message! )



Fukumitsu Beach (5min walk from JR Iwami Fukumitsu Station)

Fukumitsu Kaigan, Yunotsu-cho, Ohda City, Shimane Prefecture


Directions to JR Iwami Fukumitsu Station

Example 1 : From Izumo Airport side

[Rapid Service Train]
MATSUE STATION (13:20 departure)
-> IZUMOSHI STATION (14:01 departure)
-> YUNOTSU STATION (14:50 arrival)
-> [Normal Train] YUNOTSU STATION (15:46 departure)
-> IWAMI FUKUMITSU STATION (15:49 arrival)

Example 2 : From Hagi-Iwami Airport side

[Normal Train] MASUDA STATION (13:30 departure)
-> (14:18 arrival) HAMADA STATION
[Normal Train] HAMADA STATION (14:37 departure)
-> IWAMI FUKUMITSU STATION (15:21 arrival)

*express trains do not stop at JR Iwami Fukumitsu Station.



There are ryokans located in the area of Yunotsu Onsen near the event. (closest station is JR Yunotsu Station. Please make reservations through online booking sites if necessary. (e.g.


▼ Download a brochure from here 

ENGLISH  umikagura brochure    (PDF file)

繁体字  海神樂2018(繁体字)  (PDF file)

簡体字  海神乐2018(簡体字) (PDF file)



-Pictures/videos will be taken for use at a later time, so please understand that there is a chance that you may appear in the recordings.

-In the event of rain, the performances will be moved indoors. Yunotsu Elementary School (map) Please check our Facebook page or the Ohda City Tourism Association website for information in the case of location changes or cancellations.

-No refunds will be made except for the case in which the event is cancelled. Handling fees will be applied when refunding.