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Novel Coronavirus Countermeasures in Shimane Prefecture

Shimane Prefecture is one of the regions of Japan where the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is comparatively low.
Here we will introduce such information as the state of the spread of COVID-19 within Shimane and infection prevention measures being undertaken by tourist facilities/accommodation facilities in Shimane.
Let’s work together to contain COVID-19.

The state of the spread of COVID-19 within Shimane

Number of infected people

April 2023

  April Cumulative
Shimane 1,100 170,029
All over Japan 265,404 33,537,123

“Stores working to prevent the spread of COVID-19” in Shimane

We not only introduce the facilities in Shimane voluntarily implementing infection prevention measures on the prefecture website, we also offer support so that citizens can use these stores with peace of mind, by issuing a written certification of initiatives to business owners and displaying them in stores.

Tourism-related business owners in Shimane are working hard to implement infection prevention measures every day, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and allow visitors to enjoy their travel with peace of mind.

Introducing the initiatives to prevent infections by business owners through videos

We will introduce the initiatives taken by accommodation facilities, tourist facilities, public transportation and others through videos.
* You can watch their YouTube videos by clicking on the name of the facility.

A message to travelers, from Shimane Prefecture

We deliver messages with a smile from every corner of the prefecture.
We pray that the day when we can greet our visitors without masks on comes as soon as possible.