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Valuable Transport Ticket



“En-Musubi” Perfect Ticket – currently offering a discounted price for foreigners
Continuing from April 1st 2019 (update) Please click here for more information!
Enmusuni Perfect Ticket is a money-saving tourist ticket which allows you to use bus and train services in Matsue and Izumo area for three days. (*JR’s service is not included in this ticket.) Please inquire to the PDF file for further privileges.


Introduction to Shimane

≪Discover SHIMANE≫

English / French / 简体字 / 繁體字/ Korean / Spanish

Discover SHIMANE (english/page1) (jpg)
Discover SHIMANE (english/page2) (jpg)

Découvrez SHIMANE (french/page1) (jpg)
Découvrez SHIMANE (french/page2) (jpg)

岛根发见之旅 (简体字/第一页) (jpg)
岛根发见之旅 (简体字/第二页) (jpg)

島根發見之旅 ( 繁體字/第一頁) (jpg)
島根發見之旅 ( 繁體字/第二頁) (jpg)

Discover SHIMANE (korean/page1) (pdf)

Discover SHIMANE (korean/page2) (pdf)Korean_page2

Descubre SHIMANE (spanish/page1) (jpg)
Descubre SHIMANE (spanish/page2) (jpg)


Discount Information

≪Discount Information for International Visitors≫

English / French / 簡体字

English (pdf : 15.2MB)
Published March 2017
Shimane discount info english

French (pdf : 15.6MB)
Published March 2017
Shimane discount info french

简体字 (pdf : 16.1MB)
Published March 2017
Shimane discount info chinese


Sightseeing Pamphlets

≪Izumo Area≫

 Izumo City 

Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine

Izumo sightseeing pamphlet download
Izumo City Tourism Association official website

Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine and Area Map(PDF)
This is a guide map of Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine and Shinmon-dori, a street which leads you to the shrine.

Izumo Enmusubi Guidebook
This brochure reveal the deep history of Izumo. You can learn about the ancient Japanese myths and the close relation to the Izumo province.
Izumo Enmusubi Guidebook
Izumo Enmusubi Guidebook vol.2(PDF)


  Iinan Town  


Iinan Town Sightseeing Guide Book

Iinan Town Tourism Association official website  (Japanese)


≪Oda Area≫

  Ohda City  

sanbe west

Oda City Guide Book (PDF)
Oda City Guide Book Page 1-3
Oda City Guide Book Page 4-5
Oda City Guide Book Page 6-7

Featuring the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine World Heritage Site and Mt. Sanbe National Park, Oda city is a place that presents unique treasures throughout all four seasons of the year.

Ohda City Tourism Association official website


≪Matsue Area≫

  Matsue City  

Matsue Castle

Matsue pamphlets download 
Useful information about Matsue City and pamphlets download links are located at far down the page.
(source :

VISIT MATSUE – Matsue City official website


  Yasugi City  


Yasugi City Tourism Association official website


<<Oki Area>>
Mt. Akahage Chibu Oki

Oki Islands Guide Book OKIRAKU 2017 (Digital pamphlet, 28p)

Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark Pamphlets download 


Shimane Accessible Travel Information

accessible shimane PDF

This online brochure on accessible travel information is full of travel ideas. It covers all the areas in Shimane. Please contact Tekuteku-biyori by email.



An introduction to the places and poets of a Japanese classic”Man-yo-shu”


This online brochure published by Sanin Man-yo Society is an introduction to the world of Man-yo-shu, the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry. About this brochure, please contact The Tourism Promotion Section, the Department of Commerce-Industry & Tourism, Gotsu City Hall

E-mail :