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Gorei-furyū Festival

[OKI Event] Gorei-furyū Festival (5th June every year)

At this spectacular festival, witness eight deity carrying sacred horses gallop up to the shrine right before …

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500 Yen bus flyer

HIROSHIMA – MATSUE 500YEN BUS (4/1/2019 ~ 3/31/2020)

We are proud to announce the continuation of the Hiroshima – Matsue 500 YEN Bus for this upcoming year!!…

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The “En-Musubi” PERFECT TICKET is the perfect way to travel in Matsue and Izumo!   Welcome to…

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Steam Locomotive Yamaguchi

SL Yamaguchi Train Schedule for 2019

Experience a Steam Locomotive Journey SL Yamaguchi-go Steam Train, is an engine model C571 steam locomotive tr…

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umi kagura3

Iwami Kagura, the world of Japanese Mythology & 2019 Perform ...

Amongst famous Japanese traditional performing arts like Kabuki and Noh, Kagura is the oldest with its origin …

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Visit San'in Tourist Pass Banner

Visit San'in Tourist Pass

Traveling through Shimane and Tottori?? Take advantage of the new pass for the San’in area! Through the …

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Hokusai Collection Flyer (front)

The Nagata Collection of Hokusai

The Shimane Museum of Art is celebrating their 20th Anniversary with a very special Hokusai exhibition from th…

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2018-2019 Shimane Snow Resorts Schedule

Japan has over 500 snow resorts from small to large throughout the nation. Of course, some are in Shimane too,…

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Okuizumo Autumn Tour 2018

Easy access to enjoy autumn in Okuizumo in addition to the open-air sightseeing train!  Enjoy autumn in Okuizu…

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Shimane Map

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