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2023 Cherry Blossom Forecast for Shimane

Spring is here! Let's go out for a picnic under the cherry blossoms!

According to the Cherry Blossom Forecast by Weather Map, the cherry blossom season in Matsue for 2023 starts around 3/24, and predicts them to be in full bloom from 3/31 to 4/6. The page is only in Japanese, but you can look at the graphs showing the peak of the blossom season. *(updated 2/16/23)

Matsue Castle in Matsue city

The symbol of Matsue city, the castle has 400 years of history and is 1 of 5 original castles in Japan to have been designated as a National Treasure. Sakura trees bloom throughout the castle grounds making it a perfect spot for a cherry blossom viewing under the cherry blossom trees.

Kisuki Cherry Blossom Street in Unnan city

Located along the Hiikawa river in Unnan city, 800 cherry blossom trees bloom over a walkway creating a tunnel for visitors to walk under. It was chosen as one of the 100 best cherry blossom viewing locations in Japan.

Gyoiko Sakura in Mitoya, Unnan city

Located along the Mitoya river in Unnan city, is a 2km stretch of cherry blossom trees that make up the Cherry Blossom Road. On the nearby hill overlooking the river is the Mitoya Castle ruins which offers views of the Cherry Blossom Road and Mitoya river. Different from the well-known pink sakura is a green sakura called "gyoiko sakura" which blooms here from mid-April to late-April.

Misumi Obira Sakura in Hamada city

Located in Hamada city, this sakura tree is estimated to be 660 years old and was designated a National Natural Moneument in 1935. Its branches span 24 m (78.74 ft) east to west and 29.6 m (97.11 ft) north to south.

Weeping Sakura in Yoshika town

Located at Miroku park in Yoshika town, this weeping sakura tree is estimated to be 300 years old with a height of 25 m ( 82 ft.). From the park is a magnificent view of town making it a perfect place for a picnic under the cherry blossom tree.

Washibara Hachimangu Shrine in Tsuwano town

Located in Tsuwano town, this shrine has the only original horseback archery course left in Japan. When the annual horseback archery festival is held during the cherry blossom season, the grounds become lively with spectators who come to watch archers gallop under the rows of cherry blossom trees.

Oki Shrine

Oki Islands consists of more than 180 islands off the coast of the Shimane peninsula. Four are permanently inhabited; Dogo, Nishinoshima, Nakanoshima, and Chiburijima. Oki Shrine is located in Ama town on the island of Nakanoshima. There are around 150 cherry blossom trees on the premises making it a must see during the cherry blossom season!