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  • Experience making ceramics in Yunotsu, home ot one of the biggest kilns in the country!
  • Cycling x Harvest Experience x Pizza Making
  • Experience completing a body towel for beautiful skin while learning from a craftsman at a highly skilled workshop that produces Nishijin textile belts.
  • Visit Shimane Prefecture's oldest sake brewery with over 400 years of history. You can also drink and compare mainly the representative brand "SOUMI"!
  • Feel the history of silver mines by walking around the town of Omori with its beautiful red tiles.
  • Refresh yourself in the morning with zazen and medicinal herbs!
  • Watch Iwami Kagura, which is rooted in the local community, up close and personal. After the performance, you can try on the costumes and interact with the performers.
  • Wearing an armor costume and walking down the beach on horseback, you'll feel like a samurai!
  • Don't miss the breathtaking Jomon Cedars! Appreciate a natural monument up close
  • Enjoy the nature and clear waters of Shimane with a kayaking experience with a friendly local instructor.
  • Ride through the mountains on an ATV(Quad bike) with a charming instructor!
  • Visit the birthplace of sake with a sake sommelier
  • Make dango with Japanese language teachers Emi & Etsuko
  • Enjoy the seafood and fishing at a historic harbor town
  • Choose your own ingredients and adjust the spiciness to your preference.
  • Enjoy the sea breeze and traces of dynamic volcanic activity from 6 million years ago.
  • Make your trip in Izumo out of the ordinary
  • This traditional confections shop is only 5 to 6 mnutes away from Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine!