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Dangyo-no-taki (Dangyo Waterfalls)


A place where the power of nature is palpable


To the left and right of a rock cliff that resembles a line of folding screens sit Odaki, a “male” waterfall that is 50m high, and Medaki, a “female” waterfall of 40m. It is also possible to look out from behind Odaki. Dangyo Waterfalls has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 great waterfalls and 100 famous natural water sources. As you draw close to the falls you become enveloped in negative ions, and the mist-like water spray is undoubtedly good for the skin as well. Behind Odaki, there is a cavern where the Kannon(Statue of Goddess) of the waterfalls is enshrined, and Dangyo Shrine also sits between the two waterfalls. The shrine path that leads to the waterfalls is lined with old cedar trees as if concealing it from the heavens, creating a magical scene. There is also a large number of precious Oki Salamanders living in the mountain stream. * At the moment, it is possible to view the waterfalls, but due to the risk of rockslide accidents in the vicinity of Dangyo Shrine, venturing close to the shrine and entering the area behind the waterfalls is currently restricted. Warning signs are in place in the restricted areas (as of July 11, 2018).

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