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Iwakura-no-chichisugi (Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar)


A massive cedar tree that stands in a mysterious forest


On the eastern slope of Mount Daimanji, which at 608m above sea level is Oki-Dogo’s highest mountain, a massive cedar tree stands within a dense forest. In this area, chilled air blows up out of the earth from gaps in the rocks, so it is cool even in summer, and after it has rained, the mystical atmosphere resembles something out of the world of a Studio Ghibli movie. The old cedar is 800 years old and measures approximately 16m around its base. The trunk branches out at 3m above ground. At a spot 10m above ground hang more than 20 massive stalactite-shaped “breast” roots. The longest of these has reached 2.6m in length. The locals refer to the tree as the Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar, and hold a ceremony to celebrate it as a sacred tree every year on April 23.

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