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Rosoku-jima (Candle Island) Sightseeing Boat


An electrifying instant that will create a lifelong memory


Rosoku Island, also known as Candle Island, rises out of the water approximately 500m off the coast of Ojirobana. Seeing the setting sun appear to touch the tip of the island is simply like witnessing nature produce a work of art! That moment, when the setting sun “lights” the tip of the rock, is a precious one that can only be experienced from a sightseeing boat (the departure times vary depending on the season, so advance bookings and confirmation are required). – Shirashima – departs from Akasaki Wharf – Shakunage, Seiko-maru, Shioji-maru, Daigoshioji-maru, Kidai-maru and Hakuyo – depart from Fukuura Wharf

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