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Rosoku Jima (Candle Island)


The miracle of the island seemingly being lit by the setting sun is an amazing view


Rosoku-jima, also known as Candle Island, is a small island that rises out of the water off the coast of Dogo, one of the Oki Islands. When the setting sun descends and reaches the top of the 20-meter high, candle-shaped rock, it looks just like a candle that has been lit, which is how it got its name. This miraculous spectacle can only be witnessed from aboard a boat on a sunny day when the waves are light. The island’s mysterious shape, which was carved by the fierce waves of the Sea of Japan, is an amazing and moving sight. (The departure times for Rosoku Island sightseeing boats vary depending on the season, and do not operate every day. Please confirm and book sailings in advance.)

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