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Tamatsukuriyu Jinja (Tamatsukuriyu Shrine)


The “wishing stone” within the shrine grounds is popular as a spiritual spot


Tamatsukuriyu Shrine enshrines the guardian deity of Tamatsukuri Hot Spring, which has a 1,300-year history and is said to be both the “hot spring of the gods” and the “hot spring of beautiful skin.” The shrine’s location within the hot spring district means it is possible to drop by as you take a stroll. Within the shrine itself, you will find a “wishing stone.” It is said that your wishes will be granted if you touch the stone and pray, and the shrine attracts a large number of visitors from around the world. Additionally, the shrine bridge with red balustrades that spans the clear stream of the Tamayu River in front of the shrine is also a popular spot for taking photos.

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